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Bay Path C dll 


Bay Path 


9 7 

19 9 7 






1997 Centenial 

4 • Dedicatio-. 


Portico Dedication 

As Bay Path College celebrates 100 years of educating leaders, we, the leaders of the Class of 1997, 
felt we had a very special privelege in choosing the person to whom this edition of the yearbook is 
dedicated. There are many people at the college who exemplify the ideals of excellence and leadership, 
and these dedicated individuals have served as role models for us throughout our college experience. 
At a women's college, on the verge of the 21st century, many would most likely think to look for a female 
role model who possesses the traits that Bay Path envisions for all future alumnae. Yet, we have many 
excellent male role models at Bay Path who are helping to bring women and women's education into 
the next century and beyond. We believe our choice of a male professor as our honoree tor this 
Centennial issue reflects our deep appreciation of the men who have made such important contribu- 
tions to the ecucation of Bay Path students over the years. 

As a dedicated and highly respected faculty member and community leader, our honoree has made 
a very significant contribution to opportunities for women in a traditionally male field. I [e joined the 
Bay Path faculty in September 1974 as associate professor and chairman of the Science Department. 
Today he is a professor and director of the Criminal Justice Program, which he was largely responsible 
for developing. 

When asked to describe him, students invariably talk about what a great professor and motivator lie 
is, and how terrific it has been to work with him at Bay Path. Many students \ alue his wist experience 
and wise counsel. In addition to his Bay Path College responsibilities, he is wideh respected beyond 
the campus community. Chief of Police in Brimfield, Massachusetts from ls>7fv I W3, our honoree has 
served since 1986 as a recruiter and senior instructor at the Massachusetts C riminal [ustii e I raining 
Council. He has received citations from the Governor and Massachusetts Secretary oi the e ate ^nd 
from the state House oi Representatives for his outstanding service in law enforcemi and a 
Certificate of Appreciation from the United States Marshal Service for assistance to th ;ency. 

It is a distinct honor and pleasure for the Centennial ( lassol |s>s>7 tod edit ate the ( lol uiniversary 

edition of the PORTICO to Dr. Victor I. Milani, our professor, mentor, and friend 

l h dic \no\ 


Vikki L. Lollman 

Jennifer T. Tyson 

Teen DeLutrie 
6 Portico \i age 

Andrea Perreira 

Yesenia Torres 

Bay Path College 

18 9 7-1997 

A Legacy of Leadership 

As members of the Centennial class of Bay Path College, we have had the 
important and difficult task of presenting 100 years of history and highlights for you. 
Throughout it all, we have had enormous support and we wish to thank those 
individuals who have helped make this edition of the Portico a lasting tribute to women's 
education. Special thanks to Dean Conrad, Ms. Polak and Mrs. Guernsey for their 
endless assistance and guidance. Others that we would like to thank are The Greniers, 
Mr. Matt Fenn, Mr. Don Lendry, Mr. Bertolino, and Mrs. Gay. 

Each year the Portico staff starts off by thinking of a theme which will best 
represent the year ahead. This year our theme was designed to incorporate both 100 
years of leadership in women's education and the fiftieth anniversary of the Portico 
yearbook. The Centennial logo was used to help design the cover of our yearbook, while 
the divider pages represent fifty years of leadership and knowledge. It is our hope that, 
as we celebrate women in leadership and the legacy that has been left for us to carry on, 
you will gain a new appreciation for the history of this institution and the people who 
have guided us through 100 years of change. 

As you look through the fiftieth edition of the Portico yearbook, take a moment to 
think about the spirit and friendliness that is the cornerstone of our college. Kvery 
picture on every page will show a different style of leadership, a different group of 
friends, but each page shows the essence of Bay Path College. 

We are proud to have dedicated this yearbook to a special individual who has 
given of himself for the further advancement of women in education and in the 
workforce. This individual is an example of the leadership potential and friendliness 
that infuse our campus. 


Vikki L. Lollman Jennifer T. Tyson 

Co-Editors -In-Chief 

588 LONVMEADOVI SlKkLI LONOMLADOW, M \ - 5AI SETTS OI I06 Tn \ PHONF 14 [ 1 ! 567-062 1 l-A^ 411 567-9314 

Portico Message 7 



<y- CHANGES y A 




8 • Sf MORS 



1979 - 1994 

President Jeanette T. Wright 

Dr. Wright was named the fourth president of Bay Path College and was the 
first woman to hold that position. She earned bachelor's and master's degrees 
in psychology from the George Washington University and the Ed.D. degree 
in educational psychology from Boston University. In 1986, she was a 
Fulbright Scholar to the People's Republic of China. As Dr. Wright once 
stated, "The true testimony of Bav Path's success, however, is the success of 
its students and graduates. From the time it became a junior college with 
enrollment limited to women, Bay Path has had its mission and indeed, as the 
core of its philosophy, to provide superior education for women.. .an educa- 
tion that will make them economically self-sufficient and will enrich their 
lives. The achievements of our students and our graduates reflect the hi;., 1 
standards that Bay Path has maintained from the early days to the prese 
Colleges are not made of brick and mortar. They are made of students 

Si MORS • 9 



1 hank-- to .ill m\ friends & teachers, without you 1 
w ould \ e been lost. To KK&S 1 you are the greatest 
friends a person could ever ask for. I'll miss you like 
crazy! keep in touch. i r&AP thanks tor keeping 
tnj secrets & me sane. -Hubbv(HBSF), I'm your 
\ ermicelli! Thanks for your love! 1 love you, Heart 
& Soul. Amber-I'm glad you're home, I missed you. 
Mom & Dad-Thanks for all you've done for me. 
i ou are ereat!! 

Amy E. Apjohn 

Poultney, VT 
Pyschology/ Education 

Elizabeth Ellen Baker 

Greenfield, MA 
Pyschology/Criminal Justice 

Atty. Mom, Ben & Mike thanx 4 the love & support. 
Jen & Tasha-THIS BIG!HELLOOOO!-thanx 4 the 
friendships over these 4 years. I'll never 4get our 
wild nights! Mandi-little sister-our friendship will 
stand the test of time; I know, u r a bridesmaid: Dr. 
Milani-the end has come but I'll never 4get u as a 
boss, listener, & great friend. Thanks! 2 all left on 
3rd W-Great friendships & memories will last 
4ever remember this-U'll all be missed: C-YA BPC! 

10 Seniors 


Jennifer Batchelder 

Middletown, CT 

Mom & Dad: Thanx 4 the luv & support. Mike & 
Paula, Con & Sue thanx. Mikey, Stephen & Mali. I 
luv u. Thomas, I luv u. Dean Conrad, thanx. Amy 
u lis'nd & helped. Cris I LYLAS. Cher, I see the 
brite side. Shel, lafs. Steph, Lori, Shari, Keri, Jen, 
Ang, I'll miss u. WHAT'S SLEEP, moods, No Way! 
Shop'n, ATM-oh!Thurs nites, bagels, Ad vil, dm es 
no wear, laundry 3 am, stress, late talks, the hill, 
danc'n. Bollum 1st rules. Thanx 2 my profs. It's 
been great. Good Luck all. World, here I i ome! 

Michele Anne Bnv 

Centereach, v 
Ps) * holog) 

Seniors 11 

Mom • l\ul: rhank you for your love and guid- 
ance, but most of all for this wonderful opportu- 
nity . 1 o\ e you! Nicky + Shawna: I couldn't have 
made it through those last 4 years without you 
gu\ s to laugh and go crazy with. You two are the 
best! Henry: We made it! Words can't describe 
how much your support, encouragement, and sac- 
rifice have meant. You are my best friend and life. 
1 love vou! 

Amy Marie Beck 

Fort Ann, NY 
Psychology / Education 

Carol A. Benoit 

\orthbridge, MA 
Psychology /Education 

Thanx Mom 4 the support & money, I wouldn't 
have made it 4 yrs w/o U. 2 the girls-JB, DB, JG, NS, 
KM, NM- these 4 yrs have been gr8. Best of luck! 
Jenn, u r a gr8 friend & I wish u luck & luv. Rocky 
& Sparky we had a lot of fun w/the guys; Rocky 
did f shock u? 2001 Watch out 4 that turn Jenn. 
Trips 2 Boston. Drakkar Visiting VT at lam. CVS 
run. Nights w/RW&BB. Bad Girls of the 3rd floor. 
Most of all I'll miss the chats, so keep in touch. 

72 Seniors 

Tamara L. Bowlen 

West Springfield, MA 

Time has flown, but my college memories will last 
forever. Thanks to my four sisters & my twin, Tom, 
for their support & love. Also, to my wonderful 
Mom & my Dad who is always in my heart. Dad, 
you were my encouragement & example. To my 
fiance, Dean, my best friend, I love you with all my 
heart-you knew I would make it! *6-28-97* Most 
importantly, I thank the Lord for being my Saviour 
& strength. Best wishes BPC grads! 



hank u Mom & Dad 4 literally supporting me the 
last 4 yrs. Thank u Nana & Auntie, vv/o u none ol 
this would've been possible. K, u finally corrupted 
me. C, I'm glad u hung in there. L, best wishes for 
your future. N, I've missed u the last 2 yrs. To the 
gang, I will miss our stress-relieving talks. I wish u 
all the best of luck. S, u were mv strength when I 
was weak. Rob, no matter what happens, I will 
always luv u. 


* t 

23**- Vi 

Juli Lynne Bran ' 

West \\ illin 
I e;.;,ll ^1 


We laughed til we had 2 cry & we loved right 
dow n 2ourlastgoodbye"St.Elmos Fire-2theGirls- 
K; \s KM CBJGJBmaiix 4 me memories. U guys 
made those 4yrs the best. Miozzi-1 luv NY! 
WCG&CAK miss ya! Deans & Mrs. O-Smile! 
Sparky-HDSfU-Rocky-2 Fallen Angels-J roomies 
2gether 4ever!The Irish & The Leaf-Any 1 up 4 a 
tattoo?M«dD(KC,PJ,WILLY) Than* 4 the world u 
gave me & the ability 2 lead.VT Girls do it Best! 

Dawn Marie Breen 

Winooski, VT 

Susan M. Bushey 

St. Albans, VT " 

Thank you Mom & Dad for all the love & financial 
support. I couldn't have made it this far without 
you both. Stephen, thank you for filling my life 
with happiness & meaning. Love you partner-in- 
life. Hard work pays off!! Live & learn, 2nd East, 
504, Holyoke, valujet, BPBuddies- I'll never forget 
you, Theater-Thanks Mr Norton, ba bye Bubbles. 
Dad— now that my education is done... 

14 Seniors 

Lisa Cole 

Orchard Park, NY 



Mom, Dad, Nonnie, my brothers & Brendan-thank 
you. I love you with all my heart. God & all oi m\ 
angels, I wouldn't be here today il it were not tor 
you. Thank you for blessing me with the best 
family one could ever ask for. 

Day Devine 
\\ ilbraham v ' 
I egaJ Sti 

seniors 25 

["hese past 2 years have been UNBELIEVABLE! I 
made it! FINALLY! Thanks 2 my family & friends 
4 all the help and putting up with all mystuff! Dan- 
4*5683*8! MB-A special BIG THANKS 4 all your 
help. 2 all my friends-l will miss u & I will never 
forget u all! 

i £cru< 

Christine A. Dolan 

Windsor Locks, CT 

Jessica Lynn Dolan 

East Hartford, CT 

76 Seniors 

Tami Gambardella 

North Haven, CT 

is ■"■—*. 



Mom & Dad thank you so much for everything 
you have done for me, I love vou both with all oi 
my heart. Nick, Cheryl, Paul, Chopper, Sarah, and 
Day Iappreciate all of your unconditional love and 
support. I could not have made it without all oi 

Cynthia Ann Gietek 
\\ Abraham 
Legal Si 

Seniors 1 7 

2 nu lo\ ing family Mom, Pad & 1'ric, u'vedoneso 
much 4 mo, Thanx 4 the support, 1 luv u! Jojie, my 
roomie! What can I say? U-R the greatest! Thanx 4 
making those 4 vrsso tun, 1 luv ya! Oodah, Oodah! 
: my girls I B ,TK,CSJK,BS,DJ, Zinger, I'm gonna 
miss u, koop in touch! Todd, 1 can't believe it's 
already been 4 yrs, thanx 4 always being there, luv 
ya! 2 the BPC soccer team, Get Dirty! Good luck 2 
the class of '97! 

Kristie L. Girard 

Pittsfield, MA 
Psychology / Education 

Donna L. Graf 
Ludlow, .MA 


Mom, w/o your luv, support and encouragement 
throughout the last 4 years, I never could have done 
this. Not to mention all the countless hrs of childcare 
you provided! I luv u! Pam & Chris, u 2 r the best, 
1-4-3! Jeffrey my luv, The Woman In Me Needs the 
Man In You' Forever! Carol, WE DID IT! U r & 
always will be a blessing in my life. To the great 
faculty at BPC & all the women I've met here, 

18 Seniors 

Mom, thank you for all that you have done. I could never 
have done it without you. Dad, I miss you and love you 
always. I know you're proud. JT&BB aka ben&jecky, 
wzup? Friendly' s and Uno's. VL-mickey mouse, bagels 
& lucky charms. MD aka mo-mo, enuf fruit punch, 
softball. LH-car rides home, U on Rikki Lake, HUUU, 
Weell lookee here. jt,vl,md,lh,bd 1st floor issues! 

Erin C. Hickey 

Maiden, MA 
Psychology /Education 

m lMT MEM 



Susan Hodgkins 

hist Winds, ,• 

's) ^ hology/Crin [usti< e 

Seniors 19 

Mom and Dad, thank you foryour love, encouragement, 

aiul l\ui_c_nce. 1 I'inalK did it! Ste\e. 1 could never have 
made it \\ ithout you, thanks for supporting and believ- 
ing in me. 1 LOVE YOU! Ten and Ann . 1 am so glad we 
became friends. \ on both ha\ e made m\ time here more 
enjoyable. You are ver\ special people. 1 wish only the 
best for both of vou. I cannot believe that 1 am finished! 

Laurie A. Hurlburt 

Enfield, CT 
Psychology / Education 

Dawn L. Johnston 

Augusta, ME 

Family, I couldn't have done it w/o you. Thank you 
for all your support and help. Eric, I know we have 
had our share of tough times but always remember 
"I will love you always no matter what." Love 
Muffin, Muffin, EB, B, Sweet Pea, Pea-all of the 
above. Girls, I miss you! JO-DMS, who's crumbs are 
these! Amy, you're so fortunate to have such a 
wonderful family. Susan, good luck w/ your col- 
lege years, enjoy it! I love you all! 

< tK ju-*| ^ 

20 Seniors 

So much 2 say. 2 all of 3rdwest-ur the best flr- 
goodluck 2 all of u in the future. 2 Liz+Jen we made 
it-I'm so glad we're graduating 2gether+had such 
goodtimes 2gether - U2R my bestbuds-k.i.t. 
2mom+dad thanx 4 the past 4 yrs at BPC+all your 
luv +support. Marc-who would of thought 4 yrs 
later-thank u 4 sharing the past 4 yrs+your luv w/ 
me-UR my best friend+iluvu All my luv always. 
I'm outta here! 

Natasha W. Kennedy 

Southbury, CT 

Thanks Mom & Dad for everything. Thanks Sarah 
for all the memories: cow fields, shopping, Tl 
night w/J+J, both falls, our bench/ hiking, "snort"; 
the outhouse and many more! 1 [eidi you're an 

awesome neighbor! Cruella bites! "My name is 
George" The Ani Concert(twice), Dave Mathews 
Concert. AA,MN,KL,DR,KB:thanks tor the man) 
BPC memories. JB thanks for everything. "A true 
friend is one soul in two bodies." 

Kristen M. Kin 


Seniors 21 

1 hanks Mom+Dad. U have pushed mo 2 the top. 
I b I'hanx 4 saying it the wav it is. TK-U movie 
queen BS-l R the best Cuz ever, KL-What R U 
doing? MN-Let's go shopping! SM-1 need to go 
shopping \ our wav more often. MG-U R the best 
listener + bud ever. DA-Thanx4yourPA.Only the 
best live on 3rd west! The best of luck 2 all my 
buds-evervone follow their dreams. 

Jennifer Anne Kokoski 

Hadley, MA 
Psychology / Education 




Noriko Kozen 

Tokyo, japan 

22 Seniors 

Sam, Allen, Nadeena, Andrew, & Daniel thanks 
for your patience, love & help. I couldn't have 
done it without your support. A special thanks to 
all my teachers, especially Dr. Lambdin for your 
understanding. As I go on to pursue my masters, I 
will always remember the tools and self esteem I 
acquired at Bay Path. 

Kathryn Larimore 

Ware, MA 
Psychology/Criminal Justice 

Tara A. Lennox 

Seniors 2 I 

\1\ family: absolui luv & $ucce$$4 all urdays;Kel: 
absolut best 4 u;Dr. I: absolut gratitude 4 ur sup- 
port lV encouragement;Erin: absolut Mickey, 
golfcart, bagel, chicken & friesjenn: absolut insan- 
ity! Why u joined me in the madness I don't know, 
I'm not responsible;Laura: absolut Bruins, Jim, X- 
files;Mo: absolut craziness, all the best!;Mr & Mrs. 
\1: ab>olut happiness & thanx 4 3 gr8 yrs, miss u. 
B: absolut issues;Disney thru all of u!!! Thanx 4 the 
memories. I'll miss u all!! 

Vikki L. Lollman 

Madison, NY 

b1 *e:T7 JJ 

-• e-Tm 

- H| 


' f 


B.Vi ^K 

^ft *n 

Krissy Dream Lombard 

Wells, ME 

Trauma team look at me nowlTold u I could do 
it!Well Mom after 5.5yrs I'm finally out of here + 
it's 4 u Kid ! Dad+Kim I never would' ve made it w/ 
o u. JL, KL,KL may we always keep in touch. 
JK,BS,SF all 3e95 u will always hold a special place 
in my heart. 316 w/o me?nt misn, fd psng, grn 
cryn,Denny's, N end hid on 4 rd, lab, Italy, Boston, 
SZhos, Holyoke To my fam-H friends I luv u always 
4ever CA u 1st xoxo 

24 Senior*, 

Well my friends the trip is over...AB,SB,AS, u"ve 
all been wonderful friends. DB,SB how about those 
VT girls! NT my roomie u r the sister I never had. 
I appreciate ur friendship & support over the yrs. 
We've got many yrs ahead of us my friend. 2 my 
family, it's been rough, but we are still standing. I 
luv u all in spite of it! Mom U r my inspiration. 
Chad, my luv, what a brighter life w/U in it. I can't 
wait for the day-I luv U! Well BP it's onward & 
upward, see ya! 

Shawna R. Magnant 

Montgomery Ctr, VT 



I ■ 

\ F 

Heidi Lynn Males 
Vernon ( 


Seniors 2 > 

1 dedicate my dog roc to my mother & father & my 
husband, Gary. Ma--Than\ 4 teaching me that I 
can accomplish anything & 4 all of your support. 1 
love you. Gary & David— 1 owe you 4 always 
putting up with a lot of homework & a little 
housework while 1 juggled home, work & school. 
1 love you. Pad-Thank you 4 watching over me. 
\ ou have been with me every step of the way & 
always will be. 1 love you. 

June A. Mattesen 

Windsor Locks, CT 

Melissa Mazer 

Longmeadow, MA 

Always sumthing I should do;suml I should b; run 
around;put me down if u want 2;I can't hear a 
sound/cause I'm not listening 2 u;I've taken 2day 
2 b off.-E.B. We danced in graveyrds; w/ vampires 
till dawn;we laughed in the faces;of kings;never 
afraid 2 burn-Amos. U've got so much 2 say;say 
what u mean;mean what u'r thinking;& think any- 
thing-Stevens.Thanx 2 those who reached out their 
hearts & hands 2 me.Thanx 2 my family. Sam, Kim, 
& Veronica: u r the best. 

26 Seniors 

Mom & Dad thanks for your love & support. 
Nicole S., U R the best friend that I ever had. I 
wouldn't have made these past 4 yrs w/out U! 
Always remember Creamy! NM, DB, JG, JG, MP, 
CB, JB & SB It has been a great opportunity to get 
to know all of you. Hope all of your dreams come 
true. Thanks for putting up w/me & PBL! B-Bye 

Kelly McGarrigle 

Holyoke, MA 

Mom thanks for these last 4 years. Wendy, how's 
your blue drink from the island of men |enn let's 
have girl talk. Marlene U little cutie pie! Diana! 
Diana! Good luck Cindy! To the girls who made 
life easier-Barb&Stacey. Joe U arc back! 
Mike&Martin-lt's all good! My family tlu\ you all. 
Finally thanks BPC for giving me what I need to 

A i 1 




T 1 

Jennifer Michel 
Westfield ' 


Seniots 2\ 




To all ol my friends: DB, NS, KM, JG, CB, JB, JG, 
Ik CS SB-Youhave made it an exciting 4 yrs! Joe, 
II & Chris - Now it is your turn to make good 
friends & a successful future of vour own! MOM & 
PAP-^i ou have been mv inspiration. Without you 
1 would have never made it. 1 LOVE YOU! DAD: I 
am prepared to live new experiences & I have 
alreadv begun to challenge them head on! 

Nicole M. Miozzi 

Cold Spring, NY 
Legal Studies 

Nicole M. Navaroli 

Enfield, CT 
Legal Studies 

I would like to thank my father for all that he has 
done for me. I can't thank you enough Dad, I Love 
You. TB, MFC, LH, TH, MM, SN, SM, and MD, I 
value your friendship. Victoria, you're the best 
sister in the world. Andy, thank you for calling me 
back, and for everything. You're my best friend and 

28 Seniors 

Mom and Dad, I've finally made it. I love you! MY 
BPC friends, we've had some fun times and many 
memories: AP, CP, JK, JC, KK, ST, LT, YT, TK, LB. 
The Pollyesta groovers, Janessa, Lynn, Shawna + 
Dina. Allison, Chuck, Heather- we' ve grown, we've 
laughed, and we've made many memories, love 
you guys. Chuck, thank you for all your love and 
support, love you babe. Best of luck to all in your 
future endeavors. 

Michelle Lynn Nicol 

Glastonbury, CT 
Psychology /Education 

Thanx Mom& Dad for making my dream of going 
to college a reality. Thanx tor all your help & 
support with the baby. David remember sat! Never 

forget those smokin' laughs & sock dropping jokes. 
JB, KS, HB, LP, NW, miss you GUYS! 

Colleen Nurenberg 

s, niors 29 

1 han\ Mom & Pad 4 encouraging me. U've taught 
me that life isn't always ez, but 2 make the very 
best ol it. I lux u. Sara ur the best lil sis any 1 could 
have. W ispv, than\ 4 a great 4 vrs. U r very dear 2 
me. Mn-thanx 4 laughs & good \'s. Lou thanx 4 
being there. inf+inf.Lt,]t,Aa,Kk,St table talk has 
never been so interesting!Thanx sir, may I have 
another. What's My Named can flickilite a 
lighter. wonder b. thanx 4 watching over me 
angel.Good Luck all! 

Christine Paulo 

Newington, CT 

Andrea Lynn Mariano Perreira 

Seekonk, MA 

V> Seniors 

Mom, Dad, Gram F, Gram S, Missy, Scott, Pooh, 
Mom P, Dad P, & Kevin: Thanx 4 all your love & 
support. Gramps:Thanx 4 watching from above-"U 
r the wind beneath my wings." John: "I am every- 
thing 1 am 'cause U loved me," 1 trust & love U-4/ 
30/93.. .Cp,Mn,Yt,St,Kk,Aa,Lt: We Did IT! We had 
a great 4 yrs,the memories will live in my heart 
4ever. 2 all the others who made an impact on my 
life: Best of Luck w/ all your goals & dreams. 


U know I wonder how I got here myself. This is 4 
you MOM! Thanx. Especially U Richard u helped 
me the whole way. If it wasn't financially it was 
emotionally. I Luv U! To my doggy Jackson, the 
bestest dog in the whole world. Jenn Canada, YES 
(arm thing) Diana S*#*!*,good luck in your last year. 
My new friend Marlene, THANX NERD I wouldn't 
be writing this if you didn't help. ANSWER-STU- 

Jennifer Eileen Peterson 

Westfield, MA 

Melissa Anno I'ow ers 
West Bovlston \1 \ 

Seniors \1 

Mom & Dad: Thanks tor everything. I love you. 
fesse: 1 hanks tor being there when 1 needed you. 
1 Kn e you very much. To all my friends who are 
graduating: GOOD LUCK in the future. To all my 
friends who are continuing: GOOD LUCK. Diane 
(Oct. S, 1 L )%): We will miss you very much & we 
love you. So long Bay Path College. 

Shelby Leigh Purdy 

New Milford, Ct 

Kelly A. Scagliarini 

Springfield, MA 

I can & will succeed now. Mom & Dad, I luv u, 
thank U. 2 my friends @ BP, its finally over-what 
do we do now? Lidia, hang in! Ms. P & Dean C 
thanx 4 ur support & faith, it means so much. Joe, 
thanx 4 making me think & feel-U came into my 
life just when I needed U. KATELYN, the most 
important person in my life... thank u 4 just being 
in this world. I love U. U R my reason for 
believing, learning & living. 

32 Seniors 


Mom & Dad you've both been great to me for the 
past 4 years. I have gotten the chance to experience 
many things and I owe it all to the both of you. To 
Dawn, Kristie, and Joanne it's been great! The long 
talks, Thursday night adventures exploring Spring- 
field, and car rides singing to anyone who would 
listen. Mark, I thank you for all your support and 
love. You've always been there for me anytime, 
any place. 

Carrie Schlosser 

East Hartford, CT 

Amy I . SIum 
NaugatiN ! 

Si niors I » 

["hanks Mom & \^><\d. 1 luv I both! \ our support & 
guidance have meant the world to mo! SWEET- 
PEA 1 nowr would have made it w o U! kollv, the 
past 4 years w/U have boon the greatest. Please 
don t forget BROWN rules!! Ntvl" DB, JG, JB, CB, 
MP, Ki, KM- U have made life bearable & defi- 

ss you! I wish U all tin 
best now & in \ our future. JRF 1 LOVE U (now and 
always)! Carpe Diem... 

Nicole Renee Sinclair 

North PownaLVT 

Sarah Elizabeth Tennies 

Greenville, NY 

Psychology /Education 

"And friends are friends forever, if the Lord's the 
Lord of them. And a friend will not say "Never" 
cause the welcome will not end. Though it's hard 
to let you go, in the Father's hands we know, that 
a lifetime's not too long to live as friends." 
-Michael W. Smith 

34 Seniors 

Cherish your Visions and your Dreams, as they are 
the Children of Your Soul; The Blueprints of Your 
Ultimate Achievements. Baby- you're the greatest. 
Thanks to everyone for standing by me. I Love You 
All. My true success is having all of you beside me 
because I never could have done it without you. No 
more neglect. The only question never answered is 

Marlene Thomas 

Enfield, CT 

Aimee C. Tompkins 
Westfield, M \ 


Seniors '>' 

rhanx mom & dad. It it weren't 4 ur love & 
support, 1 wouldn't b where 1 am. This is 4 u! 
GT,R 1 \ T 1 1 uv U!CP, what's that crust? AA, AP 
more juice? AP, who adopted the kitty? ST, KK 
more waterfalls? I'll never 4get those dining room 
chats. As long as we have Friendly's and McD's, 
we can take on the world. Bear, 6/21 /97, here we 
come. God Bless our "Star". UR my eternal love! 

Yesenia Torres 

New York, NY 

Nicole Trapp 

Marblehead, MA 
Psychology /Education 

Mom, Dad, & Tracey-much appreciation 4 ur sup- 
port & encouragement throughout my yrs at BP. 2 
Shawna, Susan, Amy B., & Amy S.-the fun x's 
we've shared & memories we've built will surely 
not be 4gotten. I consider myself lucky 2 B friends 
w / the silliest bunch of kahunas around ! 2 Sha wna- 
simply said, ur the greatest friend a gal could ask 
4& I'm truly grateful! 2 all of u, best of luck in life's 

"56 Seniors 

Jennifer Theresa Tyson 

East Haddam, CT 
Psychology /Criminal Justice 

Thanx Dad&Mom 4 pushing me&believing in me.I 
couldn't have done this w/o U.2U Macco Luv U, lets 
see U out do me. 2 mygrandparents I luv&miss U, I 
know UR looking down on me,my angels. 2 Jenn, 
Sherry, Wayne, Amelia, Jeremy thanx 4 being there, my 
support system,Luv U,brat pack. 2 my BPC crew thanx 
4 the laughs& fun, I know we will continue 2 have lots 
of fun. I will miss U all. LilBJecky come back. 1st floor 
the best even though we have issues. A special thanx 


Mom & Dad, Thank u both 4 giving me a wonder- 
ful education & allowing me 2 experience a beau- 
tiful life, I love u both. Grandpa Talbot, thank u 4 
making mv education possible, I will make u proud. 
2 the Wray Eight, "All 4 1 & 1 4 all", Darren, thank 
u 4 being there I me, u're I lie best thing thai i ^ ei 
happened 2 me & I look forward 2 the da) I sa) I 
do" 2 a beautiful future w/ u. I bank u all 

Mali era Wray 
Spi ingfiel I f I 

Psy< h< ■' 

Seniors '• 

Alva C. Godette 

Springfield, MA 

Erica Haley 

Longmeadow, MA 
Psychology /Education 

Brigitte V. Labbe 

Feeding 1 [ills, MA 

Legal Studies 

Ann M. McCarthy 

Westfield, MA 
Psychology /Education 

"is Seniors 

Jennifer L. Perreault 

Westfield, MA 
Legal Studies 

Nichole Santos 

Salem, MA 

Lori Ann St. John 

Springfield, MA 

Wendy M. Sudentas 

Westfield, M \ 


Seniors \9 

Joan C. Vandal 

West Springfield, MA 

Lisa Bennett 

Suf field, CT 
Legal Studies 

Elizabeth C. Halal 

Enfield, CT 

Tracy L. Hayden 

Southwick, MA 

Mara L. Mancini 

Springfield, MA 

Maria L. Michaud 

Windsor Locks, CT 

Cynthia A. Raimo 

Windsor, CT 

Donna M. Visintainer 

East Hartford, CT 
Legal Studies 

4i) Seniors 


1 HB^ 1 

HF ^H 

S< '//l>|s / / 

i ^ 





W ^^LL 

42 • SOPHOM 


1971 - 1979 

President A. Randle Elliott 

Dr. Elliott brought to Bay Path in 1971 a background thai included a B.A. Magna 
cum Laude from Westminster College, and an A.M. and Ph.D. in Politic al S< ien< e 
and Government from Harvard University, where he went on to tea( h ( ourses in 
international relations for several wars. Dr. Hliott experienced many things in 
his long and impressive career as ^n administrator, educator, writer, foreign 
correspondent, economic advisor and research analyst. During his administra- 
tion, Bav Path grew in enrollment and in facilities, with additions to Hatch] ibrar) 
and Perkins I [all, which was later renamed I lliott I louse in honor ol I ft. I lliott 
and his wife, Gwen. A founder oi the ( ooperating ( olleges ol Greatei Sprin 
field, Dr. Elliott was known for his prison, il warmth and interest in ea< h 
every Bay Path student. His office was always open to any student with a 
problem, question, suggestion or complaint. I lis presen< eon the< ampus was not 
just sensed; he was there at all special student activities. He will always be 
remembered for his gentle dignity and droll humor. 

S >I'M( >\l< 'KM s • 13 

Wendy Allen 

Newington, CT 
Early Childhood Education 

Niya Shyonne Anderson 

Springfield, MA 
Legal Studies 

44 Sophomores 

Marilyn Bachand 

Somers, CT 
Occupational Therapy Assistant 


vM T ' jX^^^^"W1 


' m 


m f i 

t^L I^^^I^^^H 


ft. 1 

if "iSB 

Memories: linedancing, cotton eve joe, part) crowd, 
Brooks & Dunn, Trisha Yearwood in the, he) 
N'nt what was his name? Taco Bell walk thru, [D 
thanx for the long walks, ballroom dancing, lefs 
take a taxi, is there a phone!, we're goin' to Boston! 
Is ii on? Is it on? \la, no more long drives or hips 
to McD's. You're stuck with me! OT's 1 wish 
luck, we made it' 

Amanda Lynn Baile) 

I ligganum, ( I 

( )c< upational I herap) Assistant 

Sophomores %5 

* ■ 

Heidi L. Bentz 

Pittsfield, MA 
Travel and Hospitality 

Linda J. Berrios 

Springfield. Ma 
legal Studies 

Mom and Dad thanx 4 supporting me throughout 
my 2 years of college. I give to U the most respect 
4 supporting my goals & dreams. I appreciate 
dearly all that you have done for me. JM, AA, TH, 
NA, SO, CO, LR. I wish to ya the best of luck in ya 
future. It's been real these past two years. Jimmy 
thank you for your love. May God Bless all of yours 
and give ya the best of everything. 

4b Sophomores 

\ i 1 1 i -'.urn 

Lisa A. Berry 

Lanesboro, MA 
Travel and Hospitality 


Mom, Dad, Jen thanks tor everything, leannie 
we've been thru alot, thanx! You'll always be my 
best friend. Bea, I'll never forget the funy things 
you do-you can make me laugh, [essie, our < raz) 
times together-the lights, the floods, I he Mission, 
The guvs! C'aneun-what a blast' Melon balls the 
foam party, Mike&Kevin. Smitty it is not the same 
w/out you. Missyou! Randy, [fsbeen wildiThanks 
for being there w lien I need you. CT,ES,RJ,.WI l ( 
Love you all! 

Karen A. Betkoski 
Beacon Falls, CI 

l's\ i hoi 

Sophomores l'» 



Mom Pad. 4 A.'s&Family: thanx l ur luv & sup- 
port-MFl : u r the best roomate, 111.111x4 thememo- 
ries-1 C: good luck 2 u & k\l, u ra gr8 friend-PCN, 

Mr. Page & I i: thanx 4 making mv dreams a 
realitv-BPC singers: we made grS music 2gether- 
Dancers: "Rock n Roll" 4ever-Theatre: nights at 
1 lukel au-lu\ 11 all! keep smiling-Peter: wow! 
w ho'd oi thunk it? u r the best thing 2 come in2 my 
lite, what would 1 do w/o u? thanx 4 everything, I 
luv u so much, why is 4ever so far away? 

Aimee A. Bissonnette 

Moosup, CT 
Business Administration 

Laura L. Borelli 

Wallingford, CT 


These 2 yrs have flown by, let's live the next 2 day 
by day 2 get the best ou t of them. Thanx M,D,b\P,&A 
I couldn't have done it w/o U! M&D remember- 
I'm your favorite! KK-Thanks 4 putting up w/me, 
U R the best! MD-We'll always have WoF&J! KC- 
Remember 9 / 7/96, 1 Love You, Man ! MS-WP game! 
AC-D's rule! 2 all GBs always remember: LLCoolL, 
Chuck, Red, Beaker, UMASS, ATG, SDMS, PS, 
2001, WP, HQs, WG2MC2ML?, f-ball, SY, 49ers! 
Bollum 3rd Projects. .the best place on earth! 

4s Sophomores 


Carolyn Joan Botti 

Manchester, CT 
Occupational Therapy Assistant 

Nannette ('. Bom 
( larksburg, M \ 
c riminal fusti 

Sophotnon - \9 


lo ni\ family: thank you tor allowing mo the 
chance to fulfill mv dream. 1 couldn't have done it 
without \ on. Lori: thanks for your friendship and 
support, and don't forget when you're taking your 
mods! Karen: is \ our paper done yet? Jared: I love 
you and couldn't have made it through without 
you! Congrats and good luck to the OTA class of 
' L >7. we finally made it! 

Jennifer Brubaker 

Holland, MA 
Occupational Therapy Assistant 

Maria Burnell-Obregon 

San Jose, CA 
Criminal Justice 

]() Sophomores 

Mom & Dad thanx 4 everything u've done. Some- 
day I'll make u proud. YV-I know we're the best of 
friends, we've been there 4 each other & we always 
will be. Sharon-we had some laughs but we'll 
always have the Big Y Guy! Christopher John-Last 
but never least. I hope u know how much u mean 
2 me, I don't know what I'd do w/o u. U make the 
sun shine on the darkest days, no matter how far 
away u r. Remember-4ever- 1 promise! I luv u all! 

Aimee Lynn Byam 

Bellingham, MA 

v W^^ r 

Wi X 


>.vr ;" 

Allison Cairns 

Pennsbui PA 

( riminal [ustice 

Sophomores 5 / 


rhank you to m\ wonderful and loving husband 
Don. for making it possible for me to attend col- 
lege. Philip and Robm thank you for your patience 

u hile Mom was studying. 1 promise we will catch 
up on all the Goosebumps mysteries we have 
missed. To my extended family, 1 appreciateall the 
support and understanding you have given me. I 
love you all. 

Pamela Campbell 

Enfield, CT 
Interior Design 

Kristen Elaine Castner 

Perm Yan, NY 


mom+dad:Thanx 4 ur luv & support. LB-1 st roomie, 
I'll miss u! LB-Chuck, I luv u man! Ellington? AC- 
thanx-u Quaka, IOU! KR-umass(hess+seth), Ninja 
T, armyman, P.St, woods, shady, I miss u already! 
309 circle-gr8 timz: harvey, timmy, glassy, ravine, 
munchies! JD-lots of fun, thanx 4 jammin, the Dead 
rule. 2 more hippie bud! KE- London ruled! 
2 my P. St. gang-come back 4 thurs! ID, AW, KE: 
know this: the best of the buds are in Ithaca. CU 3 
on the dark side of the moon. Peace. 

52 Sophomores 

Judith Chachoute 

Brooklyn, NY 
Early Childhood Education 

1st of all thank you God 4 giving me this opportu- 
nity, my brother Dwens(who found the key 2 a 
closed door), mom, dad, my sis. Martine, brother 
Guiddel, my new in-laws & sammy 4 all the sup- 
port & belief. Special thanks 2 Mr. Farell 4 recruit- 
ing me, Mrs. Freed & Mrs. Pratt & 2 all the Bay Path 
crew: BB, AC, CS, EA, VL #1 R.A., JT, ED, Vaniola 
#1 roommate, shout-out 2 my BK friends. 

Thanks for all vour support Mom & Dad! [ohn, 
thanks for being such a great brother. All m\ love 
B.S. / A.G.,A.B. / M.T.,L.M. / M.M.&M.M. You guys 

are the best! Kevin, 1 love von with all m\ heart. 
Thanks for beine m\ best friend! 

I call \1. Christie 
I nfield 


Sophomores 5 J 

1 d like 2 dedicate this yearbook 2 mv mother. Luv 
u Minnnn, never could've made w/o ur help. Luv 
u Gabby. 2 my baby IC.M, 143 always. YL, I'll never 
find a Friend like u, 143-2. 2 my n — AOP, never 
4get these 2 crazy yrs. "Hey hovv'd that broccoli get 
on m\ plate?" U-Mass, Razzles, AIC, M6, yeah, 
yeah!! All the shady peeps in "The Field" keep the 
peace. Para mi famillia en Boston, 4 making my 
transition from NYC so smooth. Mafiosa!! 

Jesenia Collado 

Boston, MA 
Criminal Justice 

^^\\V __^ 2g 




i *^ ' "F- 




i *+*^ 

±L'< I . 


H ~ 




Melissa Corjay 

Chicopee, MA 

Mommy & Daddy I love u with all my heart, thanx 
4 your support, patience & understanding.xoxo. 
Grandma & Dziadzui thanks, I love u dearly. Jodi 
thanx you're the best yeah 6:9 I win, FL(anyways), 
ECSU, UCONN, Derek & Mike, thanx 4 coming 
out, shoot all over me alright, thanx for putting up 
w/me, many more to go. I love u. Tre, Steph, Laura 
u guys are great, thanx 4 being there. Peace, I'm out 
of here. Ba-Bye Now! 

~>4 Sophomores 

I can't believe that I've already been through 2 yrs. 
of college. I never would've made it this far w/o 
my parents. Their guidance, patience, love and 
money (hahaha) got me where I am today. Mom- 
Dad, thanks for everything, I love you both. Colin, 
well we've been through a lot, thanks for being 
there, I love you! SC & KM Good luck with every- 
thing, keep in touch! 

Kimberly Darrah 

Gilbertville, MA 
Business Administration 

Dad & Mom -Thanks tor a 11 you have done forme. 
I love you both! Hey Dennis, I did it - 2 more yrs., 
that's it. Aim - let's always remember the Big "i 
Guy!! TM, thanks for always being there. Chris, I 
love you so much. Thanks for Everything, jus! 
think -3 more yrs. Nana, I'll love you always. To all 
my friends at BPC - I'll miss yon and good hu k in 
vour future. 

Sharon Cay ton De( csare 

Bristol, ( I 

Business Administration 


iihiuui^ > > 


Daniela DeFilippis 

Newington, CT 
Criminal Justice 

Maureen DeLutrie 

West Hartford, CT 
Earlv Childhood Education 

Mom thanx 4 ur luv & support I wouldn't b me w/ 
o u!Butl?were u ever pretty?luv u Ben klm-UBF's 
4ever!I'm stressed I need the SANKA!It's Suzie & 
the ECECIWhy u lookin @ me?rummy?where's 
Nannette?R we going wed?That's CRAZZEE! 
What's it like a dollah?LB victory'96 14th 
row!Phantom-L, alittle sleepy?Party of 5 The 
redrum mobile rides on!Doohickey&all my 
fruitpunch buds I'll miss u dearly BU-BYE1& rmbr 
b nice! 



k"' i°!_^JI 

> j .*2L1 

>; ■ < 

56 Sophomores 

Lina L. Dechert 

Holyoke, MA 
Occupational Therapy Assistant 

Big hugs and kisses 2 my family. Thanks 4 your 
patience, love, and support - especially my chil- 
dren. U are my sunshine and pot of gold at the end 
of the rainbow! 2 all my friends - remember fun in 
groups, this was a LTG worth the challenge. STG 
is to enjoy life! Will miss u guys much, so keep in 


I can't believe this is finally happening! Low & 
gratitude to my wonderful husband tor all ol his 
encouragement & support. Donna heart stops a 
couple of beats when I think of how dear of a friend 
you are to me. Mrs. Cohen Thank vou. |oe& Damn 
it wasn't for the 2 of you I never would ha\ e had 
the courage. Amy & Gina, my 2 daughters thai I 
love so much 

Carol Devine-Orlandi 

Spi ingfield, \l \ 
,uK ( hildhood I du< ation 

Sophomores ~>. 

Jetaun Dewey 

Holyoke, MA 
Liberal Studies 

Jelena Djordjevic 

East Granby, CT 
Early Childhood Education 


Hr S 

1 ■ '.'^ r ' 

i «H '■ w\ AM 

""^^P ! J V~^ 

. / 

Memories: Daisy & Kouren best roommates, sav- 
ing me, Up Close & Personal, Daisy thank u 4 
putting up w/me. Country line dancing. Gina- 
trucks, men talks, late driving, camping, NY, Riv- 
erside. Kim-races, concerts, summer house, golf. 
Amanda-walks, taxi, Pizza Hut, dancing. How do 
we get to Memorial Drive? 1st East, Shallowbrook; 
Miller & Annie. Everyl I've met, thanx 4 ur friend- 
ship. Mom, Dad, Sasha, Ava, I love u so much. 

58 Sophomores 

Kerry Doty 

Holyoke, MA 
Business Administration 

I'd like to thank all my family and friends. You 
guys have been a big support during all my school 
yrs. Claire & Stacy we've been best friends through 
all of high school. I hope we always keep in touch. 
Thank you for all you have done. Chris, you have 
been there for me through everything. I love you 
always & forever, Christopher. Well guys, it's 
over. Congrats, Class of '97. Boots wish you were 
here, miss you. 

'-» «SfTi 

^m ^P? 

w >>< 

V '*>\ 

' \ 




Thanx 2 all who've been there 4 me: Miss, remem- 
ber the Big E? I'm a what? Beck, do the Carlton! U 
2 r great heffas. Nick, Lynn, D&B, our talks, walks, 
tears & laughs mean so much. Chanel. I won't Igel 
the good times- I wish u the best in everything. 
Summer of '96 was fantastic! Mom & Melvin. m 
support & sacrifices 4 me have been immeastu 
able. Thanx 4 all u've done. I love you both. Elmo, 
he's the bomb! 

Melanie Ann Dought) 

Alfred, Ml 

c riminaJ Justice 

Sophomores 59 

1 ver) gr8 movement is the triumph oi enthusi- 
asm-RWE. I'd never have made it w/o support 
from Mom&Dad- l'han\ 4 believing in me! Trn-ur 
daBomb-1 uvU! Gram, Pop, Nan, Em, Riek-Thanx 
-luv u! Luv&Thanx2my friends-butterflies, turtles, 
sunflowers, bubbles, late nites& Pink Floyd, Lon- 
don. P. Str.,ClubMetro I'm K-Freak!Taco Bell Gang, 
TB&KJ-what would I do vv/o U?!Amanda 
URthebest-thanx 4 being U-\ve R friends 4ever! 


Kelly A. Emerson 

Cumberland, RI 
Interior Design 

Jodi Lynn Emond 

Enfield, CT 

Mom and Dad thank u 4 giving me this opportu- 
nity I can't thank u enough 4 everything u've done 
4 me, I luv u. Derek thanx 4 being there 4 me 
through the good & the bad I luv u mister. Melissa 
we have a lot of memories & I know there will be 
many more to come, u've made me smile when no 
one else could, real proud of ya alright! luv ya. 
Laura & Theresa u guys are the best, thanks 4 ur 
support, thanx 4 coming out, ba-bye now! 

60 Sophomores 

Tricia Sou Alicia Sarah Bee ur all gr8, 111 miss u.T- 
ohboy there's so much, Jeff & giiys @wp trips back 
& 2 wp, "maybe we can remedy the situation" 
memorial park, minigolf garth email latenights 
shopping night snacks picklepizza last minpapers, 
The 80s, "luv song sat night" north&south catsitting, 
Mrs. O's, our room.'all those Baba moments, boy 
there were & still r a lot 2 comeican't wait 2 see 
what the future holds!2 D'man, luv u Gussy! 

Bonnie Melissa Enright 

Naples, ME 
Liberal Arts 

Mom, Dad, Lisa, & Joshua, thank von for all vour 
support and understanding. Without any ol you, I 
never would have made it. Jay, I love you! I hank 
you for coming into my life. The ELECTRIC CHILD 

olid it! I LOVE YOU A 1 I ! 

Pamela I \ n I a iron- 15 rooks 

Springfield, \1 A 

I lealth Administration 

Sophomores 6 1 

Thank u God. W o the man, nothing is possible. 2 
mommie& daddie-my 1st 2 vrs. thru u. Lotsa Luv. 
2 my gyrlz: E, J, GG, RN ,PJ, CS, JQ AO, MM, big 
momma, baby, Brandy-1 haven't 4got u. Thanx 4 
giving the world another Nychelle. my men: Derek- 
Prepare 2 meet ur future wife. Penny-got nothing 
but luv 4 u. 2 my boyz: Roc(20), Morg(2), Mills(54), 
Lumpv(%). 1 got RAID 4 the rest of u faded, skitha 
roaches. 2 the grSest poet of my time-R.I.P. 2pac. 

Daynese Ford 

Queens, NY 

I'd like to take this opportunity to thank my Mom 
& Dad & son, Joshua, for all that you've done to 
help me through my "challenging years" at Bay 
Path. Graduation day will be a day to recognize all 
our accomplishments, not just my own. Thank you 
for all of your love & support. We Made It!!! 

Brie Gadbois 

Holyoke, MA 

62 Sophomores 

Rebecca A. Gervais 

Ware, MA 
Occupational Therapy Assistant 

Thanks Mom, Dad, Lori, Chris & Todd for every- 
thing you have done for me these last 2 years. 
Mom, Lou & Chris you were great pen pals. Lori, 
don't ever forget ATNR, IH fan club, hangman, 
"Cheers" and thanks for your great friendship. 
Keep in touch. CB, LT & LO "Pearl St." Theinert 
party, "take it off." Shelley, thanks for always 
listening & where's the boneless chicken dinner? 
Good luck to the OTA class of '97. 


Mom & Dad I made it. The times I wanted 2 quit 
u luvd & believed in me. [on vv/o ur help I'd ^till 
be guessing? Andrew thanx 4 the t.p., it came in 
handy! Matt thanx 4 urluv& support. I don't know 
what I'd do vv/o u. Gram thanx 4 supporting me. 
I luvu all. best of luck NW, AD, GM, KS, AB, ID. 
CD, NW & CD never forget SC, AD glad u gol a 
newcar!AB,NW,AD,CL raco Bell, Pearl St., GM 
kick him 2 the curb! Good luck in the Future 

Kimberly A. Goguen 

I eominster, \l A 

I arh ( hildhood 1 ducation 

Sophomores 6 I 

rG LB Don't leave! KS,CT- since 2nd grade, YT 

- miss you . BD, BM, MA, BS-Fall '^5 BB#20 with LH 

- 9-18-96-Yes! NYC-SNL. "I like it, I like it alot" 

I m.l li!" pPC - Thanks Norton, voice 2CGS, 
\\ oil - 1 -pas. Fat.D96 / GREECE96 / PJ10-96, Thank 
you for everything Mom, Dad, Cherie, John, Jamie- 
Love you. 

Sarah A. Good 

Derry, NH 
Travel Administration 

Sharon A. Grady 

Monson, MA 
Business Administration 

64 Sophomores 

Amy 2 done 2 to go, thanks for being there when I 
needed you. U R the best. KG & RR stop playing 
pool already. D & P, M & C thanks for all your 
support, I love you all. Sorry Dad, but I still have 2 
more yrs. to pay for. Steve, these last couple of yrs. 
have been hard, I know, but we made it through 
them. Thanks for being there for me, I love you. 
Everyone at BPC, hope to see you next yr & if not, 
good luck pursuing your dreams. 

Rene V. Grega 

Poughkeepsie, NY 

Noriko \ [ashimoto 
Fujisaw a, Kai I \l ' \\ 

's\( holt 

Sophomores 65 

Tarena Hines 

Springfield, MA 

Tricia N. Huston 

Hanson, MA 

Thanks mom & dad 4 everything; Good times w/ 
Bon, Souie, Frog, Sarah and whoeva else; To the 
other 1 /2 of the brain, thanks for teaching me how 
to laugh; WP w/the boys; formal w/ZT; football 
games; van trips everywhere; cow-camels; Garth 
w/BE; Working in HS; Mrs. O's therapy sessions; 
everyone on 1st floor Bollum; Two more years to 

66 Sophomores 

Margaret Johnston 

Dix Hills, NY 
Occupational Therapy Assistant 

The most visible creators I know of are those 
artists whose medium is life itself. The ones 
who express the inexpressible-without brush, 
hammer, clay, or guitar. They neither paint nor 
sculpt - their medium of being. Whatever their 
presence touches has increased life. They see & 
don't have to draw. They are the artists of being 
ALIVE. .Thanx 2 family & friends 4 helping me 
feel so alive! G-a lifetime of sunshine! Namaste" 

Vaniola Joseph 

Stamford ( I 

I ashion Men hartdisirtg 

Sophomores %'t 

1 wish to thank all the Occupational students & 
Stafl for their contributions to m\' academic expe- 
riences. 1 especially would like to thank my won- 
derful family for all their support & encourage- 
ment. Ron, Allison, Ryan, Sheila, Mom & Dan, 
you're the best cheerleaders anyone could have! 
Love "Sa! Another special thanks to Cheryl. May 
you persevere! Good luck in AZ & keep in touch! 

Michelle M. Keane 

Enfield, CT 
Occupational Therapy Assistant 

Kerry-Ann Keenan 

Methuen, MA 
Early Childhood Education 

Hiee! Bollum(projects)3rd! Mom, Dad- U've made 
my dreams come true these 2 yrs. Thanx 4 being 
there. I luv u both. Dad- congrat's. I'm so happy 4U. 
MD-we've shared the tears+now we need SANKA 
& NO RW.UFB 4eva. LB-"315-talk 2 us" snoring? 
I'm in the lounge. UFB4eva.2 thegangsta's-barbie, 
jams, bagels(shh), ps freaks, ATG, stolen goods, 
KL's cockroaches, Rave! RS-Mrs. L, car, sacajewia 
jacket. CS-UR still my "real" roomie-I luv ya. 

68 Sophomores 

Nicole LaBonte 

Edgartown, MA 
Occupational Therapy Assistant 

Thanks mom & dad, you've given me the i han< e I 
needed. Jenny K, I want to be just like you. Janet, 
thanx tor putting up vv/me. OK- Hi. B, we've only 
just begun. Ricka, I lo\ v vou man. Tat, don't torgel 
the rice. JK, BS, BT don't forget "He can rock 
anyone's world." 

Kristv Diane LaClair 

( luilford, \"1 
I !,n el and I lospitalih 

Sophomores << ( * 

— i — 






<■ ** ^h 





Kendra Lasher 

Plainville, CT 
Occupational Therapy Assistant 

Renae Lavoie 

Frenchville, ME 
Travel and Hospitality 

Mom & Dad thanks for all the opportunities you've 
given me, I love you both very much. Sun- keep 
those letters coming, it'll be your turn soon. '95-'96 
Bollum 4th-I'll never forget you guys Bree & Bree- 
you 2 are the highlight of my college yrs. -thanks for 
shacking up w/me-Elmo & I'll move out eventu- 
ally! Eric-will you ever get your love life strait? 
Mark, my love, my life, thanks for being so patient- 
I'll prove to be a great investment! 

70 Sophomores 

Mom, Judd & Rooney I want to thank you for all 
the love & support, both financially & emotionally, 
that you have given to me these past 2 yrs. I 
couldn't have made it without you. Jenny-Thanks 
for being such a good friend to me. I wouldn't have 
made it that 1st year without you. Kim-I couldn't 
have asked for a better neighbor. Thanks for being 
there. Good Luck to all of mv other friends at BPC. 

-TT **>Mt*- f 4NM 

Sara L. Lindbom 

East Hampton, CT 

Krista I \nn I ii^inbuhl 

I Uington, c I 

( \ < upational I herapj Assistant 

Sophomores ! ' 

1 ord... 1 thank vou tor guiding me this tar, as 1 walk 
into this uncertain world, bless me & keep me 
strong so that I may do right for my children! I 
dedicate this yearbook to everyone who believed in 
me. especially George, the love of my life, who 
stood by me when things got tough; To my parents 
who helped me with my children; To my best 
friend(sister), who 1 love so much, wish you were 
back at home! Thank you girls for the ride home & 
1 love you all. Congratulations Class of '97! 

■ , 

Cynella Mabry 

Springfield, MA 
Health Administration 

Amy N. Mahan 
Beverly, MA 

Mom, Brian, Tim, Marc - thanks for everything. I 
love you! Rene - It's been a fun two years, you're 
one of the best friends I have, thanks for keeping 
me outta trouble!! Dad, I know you're watching, I 
hope you are proud. Everyone at BPC - Thanks. 
Scott - 1 know this hasn't been easy for you. Thank 
you for your love, patience, understanding and 
support. I love you with all my heart, always and 

72 Sophomores 

Thanx Mom, Dad, Mem & Pep 4 all your love and 
support, W/out you I never would've achieved so 
much. Bee, best sis ever- luv ya! R, best friend & luv- 
hold the key to my heart 4-ever. My friends- RS, 
MD, MW,LL,DF3, LG,MMO,LM.AB,AD, & G - Luv 

Nicole D. Martel 

Chicopee, MA 
Criminal Justice 

1 ft 



3 W ,|Htt 
1* 41 


>V»^ g 

t 1 


Aimec |ov Martin 
\l,m< hi'slcr, \l I 
( r i in i n.i I |u itice 

Sophomores i I 

Memories pass so quickly vet they last forever! 
rhanx Mom, Nicole & Nana 4 your love and sup- 
port. 1 couldn't have made it this far w/o U. I'm 
truly grateful. 2 my sister & friend UR the GR8est, 
thank I for all your encouragement. DAD, Uncle 
Bob, Rene, Roland, thanx for UR strength, guid- 
ance &: C R8 memories. To the rest of my family and 
friends, thanx 1 LUV U all! 

Michelle Martineau 

Wibraham, MA 
Early Childhood Education 

Amy Mathieu 

Ashby, MA 
Human Services 

My fellow gangsta B's- KC KR KE KK BS JD LB- 
Pearl Street Eric Nies look a like Joe Donnie 
Wahlberg glowing under wear gothic freaks The 
Cage ATG's F/D banquet sacajwea amwaer- The 
cabin Mr. Bucket spin the bottle & truth or dare 
Ralph & Rudy AM- The Big E poor slyvester ER- 
strobelight CLUTCH! KP-Boone's The P 2 V ratio 
M & D thanx 4 giving me encouragement 2 make 
it. I hope I made u proud. I luv u w/all my heart. 

7 4 Sophomores 

Special thanks to my parents for supporting me 
emotionally and financially throughout these past 
two years. Thanks also to Scott for all your love 
and support. To my old and new friends at BPC, 
(especially HN for all those late night talks), I 
could never have made it without all of you. 

Laura A. Mead 

Enfield, CT 
Early Childhood Education 


Kristin Linnea Michnovet/ 
Agawam, \l \ 

I ra\ el aiu 



Beck) Roomie! Hunks lor being there when I 
needed von. Janet, Mookv! Don't forget the rides 
to Bridgeport. Chris, thank von for a wonderful 
year, 1 hope that there are many more to come. 
Mom. 1 hanks for all vour help the last two years, 
1 would have been lost without vou. 


'- 1 

Erika L. Monroe 

Stamford, VT 
Business Administration 

Jessica Montemagni 

Chicopee, MA 
Occupational Therapy Assistant 

BEA thanx4 always being there ur the best roomie 
(model rommates) been fun wlpd&paul& our loops 
next 2 yrs will be gr8 KB thanx4 the mission our 
guys clestbjptfrgkhmv mucho agua en bano rm 
1 020 died in their arms thanx4 being a gr8friend JT 
thanx4 your tips our 8or9 mistakes ur a gr8friend 
tangy.TDthanx4beingacoach&friend I will never 
4get your advice I really needed it thanx. smitty we 
miss u. My family thanx4 everything it 'sbeen real. 

76 Sophomores 

Mie Ogawa 

Fukuoka, Japan 
Travel and Hospitality 

"Nature has given us two ears and one tongue, So 
that we may hear twice as much as we speak" 

Stephanie A. Odom 
l lolyoke, M \ 

l\l! ill 


'Education is not preparation for life, Education is life 
itself 1 hankx2 my family who has supported mo, most 
ol all my mother who lias put all her trust in me .te 
quiero mucho mamitalbpc tor showing mo the right 
path to follow. fermy!Doomi!always rmbr 2nd semes- 
tor. I' Mass, perdue, mayers, etc & yo yo check it 
outlbestbpcrriends 4ever!v no so Ie olvide que yo me 
podro ver indetensa pero huh! -o-o- Tyson always rmbr 
me <Sr the internet lol.RoomisIthanx 4 everything!2 all 
the other BPC girls good luck. 1HP! Colombia #1 ! 

■1 ft ' 


Astrid Andrea Otavo 

Greenwich, CT 
Travel and Hospitality 



Lori Ouellette 

Dartmouth, MA 
Occupational Therapy Assistant 

ri ' i/k_ I«bm _ 

Mom, Dad & Family: Thanx 4 ur luv & support 
during these 2 tough yrs at BPC. Thanx 2 all my 
friends especially JB, BG, JL, & SP, 4 helping me get 
thru BPC. BG: ATNR-Cheers!! Does anyl want 2 
play hangman? Did u find ur keys Jen? Remember 
Pearl St, The Well, Theinert Party (Take It Off!). 
OTA class of '97: finally we know what MOHO is! 
Congrats & Good Luck 2 the '97 BPC OTA class! 

78 Sophomores 

Anne Pagacz 

Northampton, MA 
Travel and Hospitality 

Monte- "model roommates," eric & paul, lucky #'s 
1 & 32, the loop, wolfswamp, tb or apple? so many 
great times-many more 2 come. Jeannie-2 bea's, 
tangy tips, crispy hair, black cat. Karen-psy< hadeli< 
xtac, bf trip, are the lights on? Smitty-bpc isn't the 
same w/o you. Mel-vvhat can I say! thanx \ e\ erj 
thing. Mom, Dad, [ane, & Aunt I \ nn thank sou toi 
all your support. I lo\ e vou. 

Beatrice J. Piccolo 

["win Mountain, \ I I 

Sophomores i 9 

l'hank-l Mom, Howard, Dad & Cathy you all 
ha\ i- always boon thoro to support me. Mom- "You 
can't lose mo." 1 luv U all. CD,TA, MC, JF, RN, JS, 
& I Bu guvs always gave me somethin' to do when 
1 was homo. I luv u guys. Julio- my B-Friend; thanx 
for just being u. TG I know u will make it home 
someday. Erica, Aimee and my "circle" of friends 
I would have never made it w/out u. How bout 
sum pizza. I love you guys. 

Aa.^ffr ••Jjj-.'i- - ; 

Kimberly Pierce 

Charlestown, RI 
Criminal Justice 

Jennifer A. Plyler 

Agawam, MA 
Business Administration 

Thanx Mom for all your support, especially during 
the past year. I luv you. Eric & Nancy, I miss you. 
Mol + Court - my babies!! Corey, my best friend, 
I'm always here for you babe. Cindy- my phone 
bill speaks for itself. Thanx for the 3 a.m. calls, 
being my shrink and making me laugh. Good 
Luck! I've learned two important lessons: Change 
is good and everything happens for a reason. 


1 . * 

fc ^ 

HO Sophomores 

JL, JT, HB thanx 4 memories, fun, support & luv. 
I'll never 4get u.MJ-thanx 4 the lifeline in 
neuro.Goots-ur the best brother-wishes 4 success 
& a hole in l.LO&BG-the IH sane group-ATNR. 
MC&LW my luv 4ever.Heidi-bleach.Dina thanx 4 
being my friend. Chris-If 2morrow ever comes- 
miss ya-June2 1 . Mom & Dad-thanx 4 $, love, sup- 
port-u'r the " W"-what u'v done will never 
B 4gotten & always apperciated.OTR-someday?! 

Shelley L. Prophet 

Ludlow, MA 
Occupational Therapy Assistant 


Erica Reed 

Rumford, Ml 

I ,niv C hildhood I du< ation 

Sophomores s I 

Barbie 1 azy R. Circle of Friends 4-eva, luv u all! 
Barbie oi the day, Busted cat, Saca,P.S.-glow 

u.w.&g.f., turtle, skeleton, cheerios, gangsta b's, 
"\v"-hand, clueless, 4th of July vv/Lisa & Chris. 
Bee, vou have been a great roommate, luv u lots! 
Thanks to mv Mom & Dad, vv/out u none of this 
would have been possible, I luv u both! Erin & 
Chris UR both so special 2 me, I luv u bothl-Kellie 


Kellie Anne Ring 

Hanson, MA 
Fashion Merchandising 

Cheryl Rodzen 

Suffield, CT 
Occupational Therapy Assistant 

Mom, Dad & Kim-Thanx 4 ur luv & support-its 
finally over.Sunny-2 r playground-thanx 4 always 
being here.MK-couldn't do it w/o u.SC-we flew 
cares?AD&UJ lucky I have u!my 5 g'prnts-luv u. 
JR,G&KP,ND-u make my heart smile.JP-ur like 
my big sis!KF-don't know where I'd b w/o u. MD 
&MM-u'll b done soon-gd luck!MsB-made Mayo 
reality-thanx.JR-we r on r way!AZ here I come! 

82 Sophomores 

I DID IT! Mom & Dad-thanx 4 ur luv, support & 
encouragement. Ryal & Kyle-I luv U! Thanx 4 ur 
patience, understanding-knowing I had 2 study. 
Jen-It's 3 am, skiing, lafs, help & friendship, goofy- 
remember patience, dancing, talks, mv, time 2 call 
yet & being my friend-always! PA BUDS-I like 2 
move it, move it 2 another nite-thanx 4 the mems. 
DC, JPJM,MT-last min. crams. BC-U took me un- 
der ur wings & showed me how 2 fly-thanx! 

Cynthia M. Roe 

Enfield, CT 

My life, my love is mv family. Thank you all for 
opportunities, advice, & most ol all the guidance 
that I was given, for that is what I am today. Babbo 
& MAmma, Zia Irma & Zio Frank my greatest love 
& Brother Guido, Sister Andrea & Katherine & all 
mv girls! 

Laura Irma Ronghi 

Springfield, M \ 
I ravel and I [< • .pitality 

Sophomores s I 

My happiness comes from within and 1 share it 
with others.'' 

To Marei. Kathv, & Krista- Namaste 

* * 



p ^* 

1ST ....:*JB 

Michelle Roy 

East Longmeadow, MA 
Occupational Therapy Assistant 

<»* W 

Rebecca Sempey 
Stamford, CT 

Early Childhood Education 

I would like to start out by thanking my mom and 
dad for all their help and support. Chris my bro 
where is my wutang tape? Huh-Chris, John will 
live in your heart always, life goes on luv ya. Circle 
of friends lives on. Never forget Busted cat, Barbie, 
Saca, G.F., and those R just a few. Luv U guys! D.S.- 
T.G. 2nd floor 95-96 BOY! Eddie(un) I luv u- 
Frogger! I have to Bounce Rebecca 

84 Sophomores 

Mom, Dad, Chris thanks so much for always sup- 
porting my education. I will always be grateful. 
Tom, thank you for always being there for me even 
when we are apart and thanks for always encour- 
aging me to go further. 

Beata D. Simko 

Farmington, CT 
Occupational Therapy Assistant 

Donna Siegert 

Milford ( I 

imijii Sen i • Psy< holi 

Sophomores s 5 

Mom Dad&familv-thanx 4 ur luv & support the 
past 1 vrs. Taj u r the best, Pureplavaz 4 real. Bree 
1&2 than\ 4 ur help luv u guvs! 4th floor's the best. 
Bav Path dancers-miss u! mv nubian queens & 
kings keep it tight. 2pac said 2 keep my head up! 
m\ friends thanx 4 good X's & keepin me happy 
w/lafe skinny/rooty party all nite & great real- 
msecc-im Miss U! K u r the best, luv u girl! Marlon 
thanx 4 being u 1 luv u boo! alright pass 2 the right! 

Chereece M. Smith 

New Haven, CT 

Marie Ann Snelling 

South Royalton, VT 
Occupational Therapy Assistant 

To my family: Thanks so much for your love, 
support, and encouragement, and $. Mom and 
Dad, thanks for being there through it all. Benji, "I 
LOVE you man!" Thanks for being my best friend. 
AW: Good Luck in your future! Thanks for being 
my friend through it all. CS: Ya know you are my 
homegirl. To my circle of friends: GOOD LUCK: 

86 Sophomores 

Thanx 2 mom & dad 4 all the luv & support u have 
always given me!Mandy-lst roomie, thanx 4 ev- 
erything, I'll never 4get all the fun we had!Jen-my 
new roomie-this is only the beginning & we've had 
some gr8 times, I luv ya!Nat-Will u be my 
neighbor?U rule!Kim-u r a gr8 person, thanx 4 all 
the rides to SDN !Craig-my love &inspiration-thanx 
4 always being there-I luv u 4 eternity!To all my 
friends-thanx 4 all the memories-I luv u all! 

Kimberly Stanton 

Southwick, MA 
Early Childhood Education 

Nic, Mel, Mis, & Steve, you've been greal friends & 

the best heifers ever. Thanks mom 4 all your K>\ e 
& support. I love you to death. In a few years you 

& the family will have the life vou've .llwavs 
wanted. I'll make sure of it. Lakia, Aja, Mi 
Camille, Micheal H„ Ian, Sheldon, & .ill the chil- 
dren in the world-Remain optimistic & stav Mp 
cuz you are the future. I love U all. 

Rebecca Stewart 
Springfield, M \ 

( riminal lush 

SophotttOft - v 

Papa >!i Mama, Dewi yaw ciang "XIE-XIE" buat 
support dan kasih-savang dari Papa & Mama ke 
Dowi. To mv sistors & brothers, HALLO! Dewi 
masih sawing kamu-kamu kok! Thing, welcome to 
Tans family! Sri, good luck yah di BPC! Luv ya 
here! Gua nungguin kartu merah dari lu loh! NH, 
NK, YT, RG, AM, DS, etc.,,,1'11 miss you gals! Keep 
in touch, ok! To President Leary, deans & faculty, 
thank you tor everything! 

Risdewi Sutrisno 

Medan, Indonesia 
Business Administration 

Yuri Tanaka 

Business Administration 

88 Sophomores 

Mom & Dad, Thanx 4 everything. Karen-they said 
we would get sick of each other, but 2yrs have 
passed & UR still my best firend,forever.Bea &Jessi, 
school would've been boring w/out U guys. You 
2 R the best, don't change.Smitty, U could always 
make us smile. Please come backlWe miss U.Ant, 
it took us a long while to get what we have today,but 
no matter what happened in the past it was worth 
it & I wouldn't change a thing. I love you! 

Jeannie B. Tanguay 

Prospect, CT 
Travel and Hospitality 

Thanks Mom & Dad, I couldn't have done this 
without you. Erika, you art' a great roommate. 
Thanks for all the help with the f R trips. Well, 
Mickey, 2 years down, and at least 2 more to go. I 
love vou, Hun. Sharon, I haven't forgotten about 
the rat deal. Good Iik k everyone. I'll miss vou. 

Rebecca A. I atro 
North Vdams, M \ 

Sophomores 89 

Thanx Mom, Dad & Matthew 4 ur luv & patience. 
1 never would've made it w out u. 1 luv u! Thanx 
Mr. & Mrs. B & family 4 treating me like 1 of the 
clan' Aimee u've been the best roommate 1 could 
ever ask 4. 1 luv u like a sister & I'll always be here 
4 u! Leah good luck & best wishes 4 u & Kevin! 
Dave we've been through so much, but the best is 
vet to come. Maybe dreams really do come true. 
tfuni... someday! Thanx again, I luv u all! 

Michelle P. Tetrault 

Ellsworth, ME 

Soumaly Thammavong 

Manchester, CT 
1 fealth Administration 

I made it Dad!! Mom, Phet, Sandi, Linda, & Tommy 
thanks for your love & support. I couldn't have 
done it w/o all of you. Hey AW, JC, BE, TH, DC, PS, 
& TP you're the BEST FRIENDS that I've ever had. 
I love you all. "T" you're my one & only TEE-RUK. 
"If you love something, let it fly. If it comes back, it's 
yours to keep. But if it doesn't, it never was yours in 
the first place." 

90 Sophomores 

Lynn M. Tillotson 

Manchester, CT 
Occupational Therapy Assistant 

Mom and Dad thank you for all your love and 
support. It really means a lot to me. I love you! fito 
thanks for all you have done and tor brim; there tor 
me. You mean the world to me. To oij friends, 
thanks for all the good times and memories. 
Good luck to the Class of '97. 

Teresa Verdi le 
I asl l ongmeadow, \l \ 

Sophomores 91 

rivm\ 1 m\' familv-esp Mom, Pad, Allison, Abby. 
2 mv Dougie: Thanx 4 being there 4 me & under- 
standing me. I Luv U 4ever. I'll always be near U 
now. my circle of friends-esp Circle 309: Thanx 4 
the gr8 times-Ill never 4get. Remember: late nite 
rm chats: staving up 2 study: harvav pizza'word of 
the day & all R gr8 times. Good Luck & keep the 
bubbles coming! Rmbr games & daisy chains & 
iafs-Got 2 keep the loonies on the path! BPC Rocks! 

Amanda Waldera 

Milford, CT 
Occupational Therapy Assistant 

Melissa Ann White 

Franklin, MA 
Criminal Justice 

Mel, we're 1/2 way there, I couldn't have done it 
w/o u. Thanx 4 listening & supporting me. Bee, u 
r such a heffa but I luv u anyway. Be careful of 
those flying forks. Mo, I know we'll always stay in 
touch, good luck, u have so much 2 look 4ward 2. 
Mom, thanx 4 everything, u r the best mom & 
friend ever. Dad, I luv u, even though u r exactly 
like me, I guess it's not that bad. Mike, I couldn't 
have gotten this far w/o u by my side. Love you. 

92 Sophomores 

Thanx dad & Cynthia 4 ur support & $, Nicole & 
Shawna 4 putting up w/me, Tasha 4 fun times & 
trouble, Grandma, Grandpa & Aunt Dale 4 sup- 
port. CD & P remember V-times & trouble it caused, 
AD thanx 4 fun times & long talks, KG don't 4get 
SC, MS thanx 4 the long ride home, GM don't 4get 
the crazy times, KS will u be my neighbor?, AB the 
ride on the floor, RL thanx 4 being a gr8 roommate 
& the fun times. Mom love U & wish U were here. 

Natalie M. Widener 

Greenfield, MA 
Business Administration 

oan I heresa ^ oung 

Springfield, \1 \ 


Sophomores 9 I 

Eshia Allen 

Brooklyn, NY 
Criminal Justice 

Autumn Arsenault 

Enfield, CT 
Business Administration 

Wendy Beliveau 

Springfield, MA 

Tammy Bowers 

Ludlow, MA 
Criminal Justice 

94 Sophomores 

Evelyn M. Carbone 

Springfield, MA 
Health Administration 

Sandy Cheverier 

Windsor, CT 
Occupational Therapy Assistant 

Sena Clark 

Enfield, CT 
Business Administration 

Beverly Coon 

Springfield; M \ 

k\ilth Administration 

Sophomores 95 

Diane Corbo 

Enfield, CT 
Arts and Sciences 

Karen Corney-Maneely 

St. Augustine, FL 
Occupational Therapy Assistant 

Brandy Cote 

Granby, MA 

Amy M. Daudelin 

Agawam, MA 

96 Sophomores 

Erin M. Laughlin 

Southwick, MA 
Travel and Hospitality 

Cheryl LeMieux 

Springfield, MA 
Travel and Hospitality 

Kathleen A. McCormick 

Broad Brook, CT 
Occupational Therapy Assistant 

I li/abeth Moore 

I nfield ( I 

I \ i upational 1 herapj Assistant 

Sophomores ''" 

Angelique Ouellette 

Minot, ME 
Liberal Arts 

Jennifer K. Pelletier 

East Hartford, CT 
Occupational Therapy Assistant 

Joanne Shaffer 
Lee, MA 


Jeannemarie Tobin 

Easthampton, MA 
Early Childhood Education 

98 Sophomores 

Erica L. Wall 

Shelburne Falls, MA 
Early Childhood Education 

Diane Woytowicz 

Springfield, MA 
Occupational Therapy Assistant 

Martha Berry 

Palmer, MA 
Interior Design 

Melanie J. Morrison 

Ellington, CT 

I'sYi hologN 

Tara L. Dasso 

Springfield, MA 
Occupational Therapy Assistant 

Charlene A. Moylan 

West Springfield, M \ 
I L-gal Studies 

Katherine M. Graves 

Newington, CT 
Occupational Therapy Assistant 

Susan Rainier 

I lampden, M \ 

Psj ( holog) 

Naomi J. Mills 

Easthampton, MA 

Sophomores 99 

100 - Administration/Faculty/Staff u 

Faculty& Staff 

1968 - 1971 

President Douglas D. Perkins 

Douglas D. Perkins was named Assistant to Presidenl ["nomas G. Carr in 1967 .it the age oi S7. 
Previously, he was assistant treasurer of Dartmouth ( ollege, and brought to Bay Path nine 
years of experience in management and financial affairs. Mr. Perkins held a B.A. in business 
from Dartmouth and a master's degree in business administration from Dartmouth's Amos 
Tuck School. Following Mr. Carr's retirement in [une 1968, Mr. Perkins was ele< ted president 
and served in t his ot I ice until M,iv P'7I. The late lull's and earl\ 1 ^70's were tumultuous years 
on all college campuses. Mirroring the * oncerns ol colleges and universities nationwide, B 
Path students and faculty struggled to understand the government's policy and m\ oh einent 
m the Viet Nam conflict. Under President Perkins' leadership, the Baj Path community was 
encouraged to become acth ely involved in seeking answers to questions about the political 
issues of the day. A number ol prominent speakers, including Yale University chaplain 
William Sloane Coffin and syndicated columnist Jack Anderson, were brought toi am pus for 
convocations. Additionally, President Perkins encouraged the observance of new initiatives, 
such as Earth Day. In his 1969 Portico message, Presidenl Perkins said: "W rule < ollege helps 
open the door to further opportunity, personal growth, and individual happiness, it should 
also challenge each of you to a< i epl responsibility for recognizing and acting upon the needs 
of our society." 



Eleanor Gay 
Assitant to the President 

Dr. Shirley Johnson 

Academic Dean 

Marcia Conrad 

Dean of Students 

Caron Hobin 

Dean of Enrollment Services & 
Continuing Education 

Paula DesRoberts 

Dean of Advancement 

Barbara Campanella 

Dean of Institutional Marketing 
& Communication 

John Fortier 




Dr. Margaret Leahey 

Associate Academic Dean; Director, 

Liberal Studies; Director, Bay Path 


Attorney Joan Spadoni 

Professor; Director, Legal Studies 

Dr. Joan Inzinga 

Associate Professor; 

Director, Business/Senior Capstone 


Dr. Carol Winters-Smith 

Assistant Professor; 

Director, Pyschology/Senior Capstone 


Dr. Victor Milani 

Professor; Director, Criminal Justice 
& Law /Science 

Karen Sladyk 

Director, ( )a upational I herap) 

Irene Herden 

Instructor; Director, Occupational 

Therapj Assistant 

Estelle Lea\ itt 
Assistant Professor 
DirtA tor, | ducation 

• l 


Claire Barber 

Charles Bertolino 

Lynda Bishop 

Associate Professor - 


Instructor - Occupational 

Computer Spanish 

Therapy Assistant 

Alexandra Burns 

Assistant Professor - 
Interior Design/Art 

Atty. Ann Dobmeyer 

Associate Professor - 
Legal Studies 

Barbara Feret 
Director of Library 



Janet Fox 

Assistant Professor - 

Virginia Freed 

Director of A.D.C., Asst. 
Prof, of English/Founda- 
tions for College 


Gerald Kane 

Instructor - English 

Patricia Kmon 

Asst. Prof. - Business/ 
Fashion/Career Workshop 

Teresa Kozloski 

Assoc. Prof. - Business/ 

Dr. Cheryl Leary 

Asst. Prof. - Psychology/ 

Paul Norton 

Assoc. Prof. - Theater/ 

Charles Page 

Assoc. Prof. - Music/ 

Andrea Russo 

Assoc. Prof. - Business/ 


Gina Semprebon 

Asst. Prof. - Science & 

Dr. Robert Weir 

Assoc. Prof. - History/ 

104 Faculty 



Margaret Anderson 

Director of Health Services 

Joyce Becker 

Rental Facilities Manager 


Donna Bedard 

Personnel Office Assistant 

Phyllis Brand 

Financial Aid Clerical 

Caroline Brow n 

Assistant Director of 

Financial Aid 

Janice Calcidise 

Admissions Office 

William Campanella 

Associate Dean of Enrol 

ment Services 

Pierrette Choiniere 

Bookstore Assistant 

Edward Ciosek 

Director of Financial Aid 



ludith C ohen 
Director ol ( areer Sen i< es 

Karen Costa 

Computer Coordinator- 

Carol Dunlop 

Coordinator of Continuing 

Barbara Dunn 

Director of Alumnae/i 

Delores Ennis 
President's ( >ffice 

[anii .■ I i\ e 
rdinatorol Alumni/ 

)ames Gallo 

Academic Support 

Laurie Gelzinis 

^ssistanl to Dean ot 
Enrollment ^er\ ices 

|oanne ( ■uernse\ 

Dim lor ol Public 


Kimberl] Hartmann 
Business Office Mar 

l.ii queline lohnson 

m.>ii 105 

\ irgirua lohnson 

Personnel Administrator 
Admin. Asst. to Treasurer 

Carol Jones 
Preschool Director 

William Masi 

Associate Director of 

Patricia McMonagle 

Director of Development/ 
Major Gifts 

Massimina Megliola 

Purchasing Administrator 

Jane Moriarty 
Receptionist / Operator 

Maureen Naglieri 

Maintenance Office 

Eric Nystrom 

Assistant Director of 

Patricia Oullette 

Assistant Director; Sodexho 
Food Service 

Christine Polak 

Administrative Assistant to 
Dean of Students 

George Roberts 
Head of Campus Safety 

Sara Schirmer-Smith 

Assistant Dean of Students 

Life/Director of Student 


Paul Stanton 

Supervisor of Maintenance; 

Plant Operations 

Amanda Toner 

Senior Advancement 


Michael Sheehan 

Director of Food Services 

■ ' ■ 

• ••• 


Robin Warren 

Director of Office Services 

Linda Simonds Susan sllwa 

Systems Administrator Administrative Assistant to 

Academic Dean 



Gail Wilkinson 

Assistant to Registrar 

Barbara Young 

Bookstore Manager 

106 Staff 


Business Office: Left to Right: Mary 
Dolce, Rita Scagliarini, Karen 
Mihalchick, Linda Bellame, Kimberly 
Hartmann. In absentia: Carey Mount. 

Admissions Counselors: Left to Right: 

Elizabeth Reed, Miriam Holmes, Heidi 

Library Staff: Standing: Jane Moriart) 

Judith Donn, Diane McDonald. Sitting: 
Kathleen Staron, Barbara Feret. In ab- 
sentia: Marlene Economu, Sharon 
Bellenoit, Rebecca Durant. 

Maintenance: Left to Right: Brian Metras, Daniel Brodeur, 
Robert Hallihan, Neil Pocia. In absentia: Ronald Moson, 
Hector Comeau, Neal Magill, Stanley Bator, Thomas Dyjak, 
[oseph Cembura, Alberta Coles, Darrell Cowlan, Shirley 
Cross, Mattie Gromacki, Robert King, Sandra Larochelle, 
Aroxy Meregian, Joyce Moriarty, Dot Poehler. 

Food Service: Standing: Pat Oullette, Diane Baez, Ruth 
Warren, Joan Parsons, Melod\ Mill, Beverh YanWagner, 
Nina White. Sitting: Dena Gundstrom, I hem, is I lulu, \likr 
Sheean, Danielle Cantv, Ruth Young, 

Part-Tlme Faculty 

Mrs. Carol Berger 

Ms. Ruth Caney 

Mr. Mitchell Charkiewicz 

Ms. Liana Ciaglo 

Atty. Anne Cohen 

Ms. Erica Cushna 

Ms. Mary Lou DiGiacomo 

Ms. Barbara Dunn 

Mr. Nicholas Fiorentino 

Mr. Barry Hiney 

Ms. Ann Hurlburt 

Mr. Robert Keough 

Mr. John Kirchhof 

Mr. Kevin Kopacz 

Dr. John Lambdin 

Ms. Karen Lavariere-Sanchez 

Mr. Christopher Leary 

Dr. Lawrence Leavitt 

Dr. William Macanka 

Dr. James Malone 

Mr. Thomas McGee 

Dr. James McKeon 

Ms. Susan Roberts 

Mrs. Judith Robinson 

Mr. David Santoro 

Atty. Martha Santoro 

Ms. Dawn Smelstor 

Ms. Tina Stevens 

Mr. Stephen Sugermeyer 

Dr. James Vivian 

Ms. Sarah Wheeler 

Mrs. Kathryn Wiezbicki-Stevens 

Mr. James Wilkinson 

Mrs. Kathleen Wright 

Stafi ur, 


108 • Studeni I 

Student Life 

1945 - 1967 

President Thomas G. Carr 

In 1945, Thomas G. Carr took over the reorganization of Bay Path Institute, a coeducational business ^ hool 
founded in 1897 and located in downtown Springfield, Massachusetts. Mr. Carr was a successful businessman 
who at the time was executive vice president and treasurer of a chemical manufacturing firm, and believed 
the same sound economic principles and management techniques used in business could be applied to 
educational institutions. Assuming the presidency of the school, he moved the location oi the school to 
Longmeadovv in 1945 and renamed it Bay Path Secretarial School, restricting enrollment to women only. The 
campus buildings consisted of a Georgian mansion, a converted garage, and a cottage, and there were 85 women 
students. Within five years, Mr. Carr had enlarged the curriculm, faculty and student body, and < hanged the name 
to Bay Path funior College. When he retired in 1968, Bay Path had grown toa 25-acre campus with 20 buildings, 
an enrollment status of 500, and a curriculum that offered eight major programs. Mr ( an 's philosophy <\\n besl 
be summed up in his own words. "Let us not think in terms of five years bul perhaps lay plans for the nexl 100 
years. Our obligation is to our students and the community, and dedicated to greater servii etc those who enter 
and graduate from this school. I ask you as students not to think of these responsiblities in terms of faculrj and 
administration alone but rather to remember that this is your college and these responsibilities are equally yours. 
Your actions, your thoughts, your services create tradition ,\nd within this spiril you leave behind you for those 
students who follow a greater understading of human values. The future otters us a tremendous challenge. We 
must meet it with courage, vision, and understanding." Student Lifi • 10 J 

Senioi Committe 

l ott to Right: Dr. Cherj 1 1 ear) Vdvisor, 

Andrea Perreira Yesenia forres. 

Junior Committee 

Dr. Robert Weir- Advisor, Jennifer Grey. 

Senior Committee 

Left to Right: Dean Sara Schirmer- 
Smith-Advisor, Jessica Montemagni, 
Maureen DeLutrie, Beatrice Piccolo, Sa- 
rah Good. 

120 Organizations 


Student Government 
Sitting Left to Right Erica Haley, Aimee 
Bissonnette, Aimee Byam, Sharon DeCesare, 
LoriOuellette, Laurie Borelli. Kneeling: Lisa 
Berry, Sarah Good, Susan Bushey-Secretary, 
Shawna Magnant-Vice President, Dawn 
Breen-President, Donna Siegert, Kerry 
Keenan, Chereece Smith, Maureen DeLutrie. 
Third Row: Rebecca Stewart, Nadja 
Andrasev, Risdewi Sutrisno, Noriko Kozen, 
Eshia Allen, Sri Paigestuti, Jennifer Tyson, 
Kimberly Stanton, Melissa Knorr, Daniela 
DeFilippis, Dean Sara Schirmer-Smith. 
Fourth Row: Karen Pollack, Melissa White, 
Melanie Doughty, Beatrice Piccolo, Jessica 
Montemagni, Yesenia Torres, Andrea 
Perreira, Jelena Djordjevic, Lika Dvali. 

Student Ambassadors 
Sitting Left to Right: Lynn Tillotson, Mie 
Ogawa, Yen-ching Annie Hsu, Kerry 
Keenan, Sharon DeCesare. Kneeling: Sarah 
Good, Bessy Bonilla, Shawna Magnant, 
Dawn Breen, Donna Siegert, Melissa Pou its, 
Angelique Ouellette. Third Row: Elizabeth 
Reed-Advisor, Rebecca Stewart, Nicole 
Martel, Sri Pangestuti, Yesenia Torres, An- 
drea Perreira, Kimberlv Stanton, Kelly 
Moriarty, Maureen DeLutrie. Fourth Row: 
Melissa White, Melanie Doughty, Beatrice 
Piccolo, Jessica Montemagni, Kellie Ring, 
Jetaun Dewey, Kelly Emerson, Kristen 
Castner. In Absentia: Heidi Bentz, Judith 
Chachoute, Mandi Gengenbach, Jennifer 
Goff, Jennifer Gray, Sacha Krawcz) k, 
Caroline Leits, Vikki I oilman, krlk 
McGarrigle, Nicole Miozzi, Amy Shea, 
Nicole Sinclair. 

Presidential Ambassadors 

Standing Left to Right: Kelly 
Scagliarini, Kelly Moriarty, shawna 
Magnant, 1'residcnt Carol \. Leary, 
Renee Morton, Beverly Coon. Sitting: 
Heidi Mali's, Melissa Powers, 
Jeannemarie robin, Bessy Bonilla, Dawn 
| oh nst on. In \hsentia: \l.nnli 
Gengenbach, Yen-ching Annie Hsu, 
\n clr "Sinclair. 

( )i gani zations I ' I 


Standing; Ransolina Nicholson, Eshia 
Allen 1 lttam Howe-President Lynn 
nilotson. Sitting: [udith Chachoute, 
[ennifer ryson Andrea Otavo, Daynese 
Ford Miriam Holmes-Staff Advisor. 

Peer Advisors 

Standing Left to Right: Mr. Christopher 
Leary-Advisor, Dr. Cheryl Leary-Advi- 
sor, Melissa White, Melanie Doughty, 
Jennifer Kubala, Donna Siegert, Sharon 
Grady. Sitting: Bessy Bonilla, Yesenia 
Torres, Dawn Breen, Aimee Bissonnette, 
Sharon DeCesare. In Absentia: Jessica 
Dolan, Tracy Glover, Tiffani Howe, 
Caroline Leits, Sandra McCarroll, Nicole 
Miozzi, Rebecca Stewart, Roxanne 

International Student/ Organization 
Sitting Left to Right: Mutsumi Matsuda, 
Risdewi Sutrisno, Yukiko Sakimoto, 
Mika Nihei. Second Row: Mie Ogawa, 
Helen Au, Lika Dvali, Nadja Andrasev, 
Mayumi Suzuki. Third Row: Sri 
Pangestuti, Yuri Tanaka, Yumiko 
Okuyama, Nariu Chacin, Miki Ino, 
Xoriko Hashimoto, Kumiko Kakinuma, 
Atsuko Narita, Noriko Kozen. In Absen- 
tia: Chie Kakehashi, Raquel Labrie, 
Rieko Kajihara, Mariko Fukuoka, Saori 
Kondo, Emi Akiyama. 

112 Organizations 

Phi Beta Lambda 

Sitting Left to Right: Kelly McGarrigle, 

Dawn Breen, Cynthia Roe, Michelle 

Carey, Jennifer Plyler. Standing: Lvnn 

Tillotson, Risdewi Sutrisno, Mrs. Claire 

Barber-Advisor, Mie Ogawa, Alicia 


Maroon Key 

Sitting Left to Right: Kristen Castner, 
Becky Gervais, Carolyn Botti, Amanda 
Bailey, Melissa Powers. Second Row: 
Nicole Trapp, Laura Hesclton, Maureen 
DeLutrie, Amy Beck, Erin Hickey. Third 
Row: JeannemarieTobin, Noriko Kozcn, 
Nicole Martel, Beatrice Piccolo. 

^^■MpiBni mm 

Golden Z 

Kneeling Left to Right: fennifei 
Tetrault, Melissa Knorr, lennifer Gofl 
Sharon DeCesare. Standing: kisdewi 
Sutrisno,( hristine Dolan, ( arolDevine- 
Orlandi, Cheryl Lauben, Stephanie 
I l,n|ii, I )ean Sail) s ^ hirmer Smith ^dvi 
sor. In Absentia: LikaDvali raral lasso, 
Angela I layward, Ni( ole Miozzi, Ni< ole 
Sim lair. 

( h ranizations I ' I 

Inter-faith Council 

l eft to Right Melissa \\ hite, Dean Sally 

Schirmer-Smith- \d\ isor, Shawnn 



Sitting Left to Right: Elizabeth Gray, 
Emilie Pessagno, Jennifer Bliss, Tricia 
Huston, Bonnie Enright. Standing: 
Janelle Plapis, Amy Mahan, Sara 
Lindbom, Kim Stanton. In Absentia: 
Christin Deremian, Jelena Djordjevic, 
Alicia Eldridge, Amanda Giroux, 
Krishna Hackstock, Jennifer Kratovil, 
Shannon Law, Colleen Rowzee. 

STEPS Coordinators 

Left to Right: Dean Marcia Conrad- 
Advisor, Donna Siegert, Eshia Allen. 

7 74 Organizations 

Law Club 

Sitting: Beatrice Piccolo, Kristen 
Castner, Jennifer Gray. Standing: Laura 
Heselton, Attorney Ann Dobmeyer - 
Advisor, Renee Morton. 

OTA Student Club 

Sitting: Karen Corney-Maneely, Lynn 
Tillotson, Maria Savio-Historian, 
Carolyn Botti-Co-treasurer, Lori 
O u e 1 1 e 1 1 e - C o - 1 r e a s u r e r , Jennifer 
Brubaker, Becky Gervais. Standing: 
Denise Panico, Sandy Cheverier, Cheryl 
Rodzen, Jennifer Pelletier, Lina Dechert, 
Marilyn Bachand. 

Psychology Club 

Sitting: Lia Bogran, Karen Betkoski, 
Aimee B va m- Presiden t , I milir 
Pessagno, Donna Siegert-\ ii v President 
Standing: Tracy Parrish, Maria Savio, 
Amy Mali. m. rricia Huston-Secretar) 
I reasnrer. 

( irgunizutions 1 1 

Computer Club 

Sitting: Ri>dewi Sutrisno. Dr. Joan 

[nzinga-Advisor. Standing: Robin 

Granado >r: Pangestuti, Jennifer Gray, 

Maria Savio. In Absentia: Kellv 

McGarrigle, Nicole Miozzi, Jennifer 


Environmental Club 
Sitting: Tricia Huston, Donna Siegert- 
President, Karen Pollack. Standing: 
Xadja Andrasev, Jennifer Porcello, 
Bonnie Enright, Emilie Pessagno. In Ab- 
sentia: Xicole Trapp, Jennifer Kubala, 
Emilie Pessagno, Leah Christie. 

Carpe Diem Newsletter 

Sitting: Aimee Tompkins-Editor, Maria 

Savio, Jetaun Dewey. Standing: Mrs. 

Sandra Burns-Advisor, Petrina Johnson, 

Yaniola Joseph, Karen Pollack, Risdewi 


7 76 Organizations 

Bay Path - Beal Connection 
Sitting: Crystal Utz, Kate 
Marcinkowski-Student Advisor, 
Risdewi Sutrisno. Standing: Kelly 

Galarneau-Student Advisor, Jill Maillet, 
Amanda Cowin, Mrs. Estelle Leavitt- 

Continuing Education 

Sitting: MieOgawa, MariaSavio, Evelyn 
Carbone, Michele Fleurv, Cheryl 
Lauben. Standing: Debbie Kellner, 
Priscilla Landry, Christine Dufresne, 
Carol Dunlop, Beverly Coon, Linda 
Steinman, Jeannemarie Tobin. 

Early Childhood Education Club 
Sitting: Marcie Secchiaroli, fennifer 
Bliss, Elizabeth Gray, Kate 

Marcinkowski, Colleen Row /re. Stand- 
ing: Kimberly Stanton-Secretarj [rea 
surer, Kerrj Keenan Vice President, 

Maureen Dei nine ['resident. I.inelle 

Plapis, Mrs. I stelle I ea\ iti \d\ isor. 

( )rganizations I / 

Baj Path Chorale/Keynotes 

\ rent Row l eft to Right: Noriko 1 lashimoto 
Yuri Tanaka Angelique Ouellette Erica 
Biggar Risdewi Sutrisno, Elizabeth Graj 
Melissa Baj. Second Row: Amanda Cowin, 

'Rebecca Stewart - Keynote "Erica Haley - 
Keynote "Aimee Bissonnette - Keynote, 

*\adia Andrasev - Keynote. *\'oriko Kozen - 
Kej note I eah Christie. Third Row: Jennifer 
Tyson "Jessica Osowski - keynote, *Yumiko 
Okuvama - kevnote *Nicole Martel - Key- 
note Charles Page - Director. "Jennifer 
c oosard - Kevnote. *Melissa Towers - Key- 
note 'kiernan Cone - Keynote, Vasmine 
Antoine. Fourth Row: Rieko Kajihara, 
Makebah Kelh Michelle Haheeb, Miki Ino, 
Jelena Djordjevic, Yukiko Sakimoto, Kelly 
Moriartv. In Absentia: *Megan Scozzafava 
- Kevnote. Kelh' Chapman, Mariko Fukuoka, 
Chie Kakehashi, Jill Maillet, Kelly Quinn, 
Michelle Thurston. 

Bay Path Dancers 

Sitting: Yuri Tanaka, Amy Clark, 
Chereece Smith, Raquel Labrie, Melissa 
Powers. Standing: Kristie Galligan, 
Kelly Galarneau, Mariu Chacin, Jessica 
Dolan, Aimee Bissonnette. 

Theatre Workshop 
Front Row Left to Right: Kelly 
Galarneau, Laurie Borelli, Kelly 
Moriartv, Chereece Smith, Amy Clark. 
Second Row: Sarah Good, Susan 
Bushey, Amanda Cowin, Aimee 
Bissonnette, Erica Haley, Mariu Chacin, 
Raquel Labrie. Third Row: Maria Savio, 
Rieko Kajihara, Yukiko Sakimoto, Nadja 
Andrasev, Noriko Kozen, Judith 
Chachoute, Eshia Allen, Lika Dvali, Sri 
Pangestuti, Melissa Powers, Noriko 
Hashimoto, Yuri Tanaka. Fourth Row: 
Kumiko Kakinuma, Jessica Osowski, 
Rebecca Stewart, Mie Oga wa, Yen-Ching 
Annie Hsu, Tracy Glover, Jetaun Dewey, 
Miki Ino, Mayumi Suzuki, Mariko 
Fukuoka, Atsuko Narita, Mika Nihei 

7 78 Organizations 




Bollum Hall Resident Assistants & 
Residence Directors 

Sitting: Kerry-Ann Keenan, Michael 
Mulcahy, Elizabeth Mulcahy, Rebecca 
Stewart. Standing: Chereece Smith, 
Melissa White, Vikki Lollman. 

Theinert Hall Resident Assistants 

Andrea Perriera, 
Yesenia Torres, Lisa Berry. 

Brookside Hall Resident Assistants »!<. 
Residence Directors 

Sitting: Aimee Bvam, Steven Smith, Sara 
Schirmer-Smith, Sharon DeCesare. 
Standing: Karen rower, Beatrice 

I'ii i nlo, I \>nna ^ii's^crt . 

c Organizations / 19 

Bay Path Athletics 


Us Them 

Dean Colleg 









Holyoke CC 





Columbia G 

r. 1 



T. 1 







Manchester T. 4 


Bunker Hill 











Simons Rock 















N. Essex CC 





















Simons Rock 








































St. Joseph's 








Columbia Gr 

. 2 


Columbia Gr 

. 6 


Soccer Team 

Front Row: Bree McDermott, Heidi Males, KristieGirard, Carrie Schlosser. 
Second Row: Wanda Moctezuma, Vikki Lollman, Kristy LaClair, Bree 
Dihlman. Back Row: Joanne Shaffer, Coach Todd Ditmar, Jessica 
Montemagni, Rene Grega, Christin Deremian, Amanda Gosselin, Melissa 

Basketball Team 

Standing: Shannon Cooley, Michael Mulcahy - Assistant Coach, Bessy 
Bonilla, Kristy LaClair, Rebecca Tatro, Steve Smith - Head Coach, Sara 
Mimoso. Sitting: Bianca Simao, Jamie Martel, Melissa Palmer. In absentia: 
Tod Ditmar - Assistant Coach. 

Softball Team 

Standing: Maureen Ranger, Megan Grady, Kimberly Parks, Shawna 
Magnant. Kneeling: Carrie Schlosser, Jeannine Willis, Kelly Sargent. 
Sitting: Allison Milligan, Cheryl Adams, Carolyn Casale, Melissa Thibeault. 

Pictured below is the soccer coa 
Todd Ditmar. 

Pictured above: Melissa Palmer i 
Kristy LaClair defending their tea 

1 2 Sports 


Pictured at Left are the captains of the 
1996 soccer team: Bree McDermott, 
Carrie Schlosser, Kristie Girard, Heidi 
Males. Winners of the 1996 Bay Path 
Soccer Award were Bree McDermott and 
Kristie Girard. Also honored were the 
team captains: Heidi Males-4 year cap- 
tain, Kristie Girard-4 year captain, and 
Carrie Schlosser-3 year captain . 

Pictured below are Amanda Long, 
Athletics Coordinator and Dr. Donna 
Lopiano, special speaker at the 1996 
Women in Sports Day. 

Athletic Council 

Sitting: Emilie Passagno, Lynn Tillotson, Melissa Knorr. Standing: Amanda 
-ong - Athletic Coordinator, Shawna Magnant, Allison Cairns. In Absentia: 
3ianca Simao. 




M A-r ,iA 

Pictured above is ReneGrega, M>pln> 
more soccer member. 

Tennis Team 

Sitting: Donna Siegert, Mariko Fukoka, Rieko Kajihara, Yukiko Sakimoto, 
[eannemarie Tobin. Standing: Amanda Long - Coach, Noriko Hashimoto, 
Noriko Kozen, Yasmine Antoine, Lynn Tillotson, Sri Pangestuti, Emilie 
Pessagno, Risdewi Sutrisno, Alicia Eldridge. 

Pictured ,)t lett ,nv I ame Si hlnss t -i\ 
Kristie Girard, ?, Dr. Donna Lopiano, 
Kristy LaClair, Amanda Long, 
Shawna Magnant, and Bianca Simao. 

Pictured at right are members of the ban- 
quet. From left to right are: Rene 
I Ireg i l shia Ulen, fanel I Inert. is, 
Kristy LaClair, Bree Dihlman, Tracj 
Glover, and |essica Montemagni, 

Pictured above are members ol tlie 1 9%- 1 947 Basketball their annual 
banquet. Back Row: Coaches Tod Ditmar, Michael Mulcahy, and Steve Smith 
Middle Row: Shannon ( OOley, Kris|\ I a( I. in s.ira MimoSO, \ ikki I oilman 
Front Row: Rebecca Tatro, Melissa Palmer, Bessy Bonilla, [amie M.irul Biam .i 

Sports 1 2 I 

Opening Day 


i? rsi e 

■(■■■■ gfssy -k. 

i^/. -TV-/ 


122 Opening Day 

Opening Day 

^^^~~~ "V,,.. -^ 

( Opening Day 123 

Campus Day 


124 Campus Day 

U3i8*'*3'MP'°ii; *"" ' 

Bay Path College Event Highlights 

( .minus I \ nits 1 2'- 

Father /Daughter Banquet 

126 Father/Daughter Banquet 

Family & Friends' Weekend 

l amil\ & i riends' Weekend 12, 

Freshman Faces 

128 f reshman Faces 

Remember This... 

* ^t 1 ; 

**"***^i'" ■ ' 



\ f \ 

S. ^ A 

n •»• 

i ] i\ 


Li ^ ^i 


■ ' 

IF liHI 

SIlkKmiI ( .iiulicls I2'» 

Crazy For You 


1 ess Raquel Labrie 

Patsy Melissa Powers 

Bobby Child David Potter 

lull Zangler Daniel Derby 

Irene Roth Becky Orr 

Mother Maria Savio 

Perkins Lika Dvali 

Moose Christopher Leary 

Mingo Ramon Gonzalez 

Custus James Wolf 

Wyatt John Woytowicz 

Polly Baker Aimee Bissonnette 

Everett Baker Peter Payson 

Lank Hawkins Mike Tesini 

Eugene Fodor John Woytowicz 

Patricia Fodor Erica Haley 

Secretaries Keli Chapman, Jessica Osowski 


Mariu Chacin 
Amy Clark 
Jessica Dolan 
Tracy Glover 
Kristie Galligan 
Chereece Smith 


Nadja Andrasev 
Judith Chachoute 
Lika Dvali 
Kelly Moriarty 
Rebecca Stewart 

1 30 Crazy For You 

( r.i/v I or You I •! 




Pauline Becky Orr 

Lucille Early Aimee Bissonnette 

Sue Smith Erica Haley 

Jimmy Smith John Woytowicz 

Billy Early David Potter 

Tom Trainor Dan Derby 

Nanette Nicole Martel 

Flora Latham Keli Chapman 

Bern- Brown Sarah Good 

Winnie YVmslow Rebecca Stewart 


Nadja Andrasev 
Manu Chacin 
Steven Chandler, Jr. 
.Amy Clark 
Kelly Galarneau 
Nonko Hashimoto 
Michael Hazlett 
Nonko Kozen 
Raquel Labne 

Tressa Oliver 
Jessica Osowski 
Melissa Powers 
Chereece Smith 
Bruce Specht 
Mike Tesini 
Yuri Tanaka 
Patrick Young 

132 No, No Nanette 



No, No Nanette 1 33 

The Year... 

"\PkJB~ i r# 

134 Candids 

...In Review 

Wellness Plus 
Standing: Maria Savio, Sharon Grady, Stephanie Harju. 
Sitting: Cheryl Lauben, Amy Morris, Jeannemarie Tobin. 
In Absentia: Michele Bayer, Beverly Coon, Shelby Purdy, 
Christine Dolan, Advisor - Dean Marcia Conrad. 

1997 Board of Trustees 
Standing left to right: Ms Mil hele Megas I Htomassi, Mr. [ohn 
Wallace, Ms. Judith Tremble-Murphy, Mr. [ohn Abbott, Mr. Mack 
Wallace, Mr. Robert Foley, Dr. fames Matarazzo, President ( arol A. 
I eary, Mr. Edward ( arroll fr., Mr. I >ouglas I ngebreston, Mr. Phillip 
Ryan, Ms. Crystal Diamond, Mr. Allen ( loulet. Sitting: Mr. 
Thomas Carr, Ms. Beverly Holmes, Mrs. MollieC arr, Mrs. |eanne 
D' Amour. Ms. Karen Toner, Ms. [udith Matt, Mrs. ( harlene Mazer. 

( andid 

Senior /Sophomore Index 

Eshia Allen 


Wendy Alien 


\i\.i Anderson 


Autumn Aisenault 


Aim Apjohn 


Marilyn Bachand 


Amanda Bailey 


Elizabeth Baker 


Jennifer Batchelder 


Michele Bayer 


Amy Bock 


Wendy Beliveau 


Lisa Bennett 


Carol Benoit 


1 leidi Bentz 


Linda Berrios 


Lisa Bern 


Martha Bern- 


Karen Betkowski 


Aimee Bissonnette 


Laurie Borelli 


Carolyn Botti 


Nannette Boucher 


Tammy Bowers 


Tamara Bowlen 


Juli Brandt 


Dawn Breen 


Jennifer Brubaker 


Maria Burnell-Obregon 


Susan Bushey 


Aimee Byam 


Allison Cairns 


Pamela Campbell 


Evelvn Carbone 


Kristen Castner 


Judith Chachoute 


Sandy Cheverier 


Leah Christie 


Sena Clark 


Lisa Cole 


Jesenia Collado 


Beverly Coon 


Diane Corbo 


Melissa Corjay 


Karen Corney-Maneely 


Brandy Cote 


Kimberly Darrah 


Tara Dasso 


Amy Daudelin 


Sharon DeCesare 


Daniela DeFilippis 


Maureen DeLutrie 


Lina Dechert 


Day Devine 


Carol Devine-Orlandi 


Jetaun Dewey 


Jelena Djordjevic 


Christine Dolan 


Jessica Dolan 


Kerry Doty 


Melanie Doughty 


Kelley Emerson 


Jodi Emond 


Bonnie Enright 


Pamela Farron-Brooks 


Daynese Ford 


Brie i. ladbois 
Tami Gambardella 
Rebecca Gen ais 
Cynthia Gietek 

Kristie dirard 
Alva Godette 
Kimberly Goguen 
Sarah Good 

Sharon Grady 
Donna Graf 
Katherine Graves 
Rene Grega 
Elizabeth Halal 
Erica Haley 
Noriko Hashimoto 
Tracey Hayden 
Erin Hickey 
Tarena Hines 
Susan Hodgkins 
Laurie Hurlburt 
Tricia Huston 
Dawn Johnston 
Margaret Johnston 
Vaniola Joseph 
Michelle Keane 
Kerry- Ann Keenan 
Natasha Kennedy 
Kristen King 
Jennifer Kokoski 
Noriko Kozen 
Nicole LaBonte 
Kristy LaClair 
Brigitte Labbe 
Kathryn Larimore 
Kendra Lasher 
Erin Laughlin 
Renae Lavoie 
Cheryl LeMieux 
Tara Lennox 
Sara Lindbom 
Vikki Lollman 
Krissy Lombard 
Krista Luginbuhl 
Cynella Mabry 
Shawna Magnant 
Amy Mahan 
Heidi Males 
Mara Mancini 
Nicole Martel 
Aimee Martin 
Michelle Martineau 
Amy Mathieu 
June Mattesen 
Melissa Mazer 
Ann McCarthy 
Kathleen McCormick 
Kelly McGarrigle 
Laura Mead 
Maria Michaud 
Jennifer Michel 
Kristin Michnovetz 
Naomi Mills 
Nicole Miozzi 
Erika Monroe 
Jessica Montemagni 
Elizabeth Moore 
Melanie Morrison 

Charlene Moylan 






Nicole Navaroli 


Michelle Nicole 


Colleen Nurenberg 


Stephanie Odom 


Mie Ogawa 


Astrid Otavo 


Angelique Ouellette 


Lori Ouellette 


Anne Pagacz 


Christine Paulo 


Jennifer Pelletier 


Andrea Perreira 


Jennifer Perreault 


Jennifer Peterson 


Beatrice Piccolo 


Kimberly Pierce 


Jennifer Plyler 


Melissa Powers 


Shelley Prophet 


Shelby Purdy 


Susan Raimer 


Cynthia Raimo 


Erica Reed 


Kellie Ring 


Cheryl Rodzen 


Cynthia Roe 


Laura Ronghi 


Michelle Roy 


Nicole Santos 


Kelly Scagliarini 


Carrie Schlosser 


Rebecca Sempey 


Joanne Shaffer 


Amy Shea 


Donna Siegert 


Beata Simko 


Nicole Sinclair 


Chereece Smith 


Marie Snelling 


Lori St. John 


Kimberly Stanton 


Rebecca Stewart 


Wendy Sudentas 


Risdewi Sutrisno 


Yuri Tanaka 


Jeannie Tanguay 


Rebecca Tatro 


Sarah Tennies 


Michelle Tetrault 


Soumaly Thammavong 


Marlene Thomas 


Lynn Tillotson 


Jeannemarie Tobin 


Aimee Tompkins 


Yesenia Torres 


Nicole Trapp 


Jennifer Tyson 


Joan Vandal 


Teresa Verdile 


Donna Visintainer 


Amanda Waldera 


Erica Wall 


Melissa White 


Natalie Widener 


Diane Woytowicz 


Mahera Wray 


Joan Young 


136 1